Roman Colosseum



    A few years ago, I was working on a personal project, very much like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, only it was focused purely on ancient Gladiatorial combat. I worked on this Colosseum model for 3 months, gathering any information I could about measurements, types of bricks, the layout etc etc etc…
    The idea originally was to push my skills in 3D modelling to new heights and challenge myself in a massive way, so I did…and I failed.
    I failed because I didn’t plan enough, I wanted to start the model, and forgot some measurements which were important to make the Colosseum structure as accurate as possible.
    Only until the end did I realise this mistake, and had to improvise to conclude my work.
    The Colosseum model is far from finished, but I originally put it into the Cryengine which was to be the engine for my project) and showed it off on youtube.
    Chivalry was announced, and that was another blow to my drive to succeed with the project, thus I abandoned it, but was soon offered game development jobs, 1 of which I took, but the studio ended up having to shut down soon after I joined. I cannot say what that studio was working on.
    The story goes on, but these are relevant to the Colosseum model and why it was modelled and abandoned.

    The reason I say all of this is because the model won’t be completed (not this one at least), and any issues you see within the model, will most probably just remain, but I figure why not use this model for a game I love, a game similar to what I was working on in the first place.

    On a final note, I hope that this inspires TBS to deliver an awesome, competitive Gladiatorial game, because there is pretty much nothing out there that is any good…

    This map is based in the Roman Colosseum/Flavian Ampitheatre/Ampitheatrum Flavium.

    I will attempt to make it support as many game modes as possible, but will mainly be just a show-case more than a well balanced and fun map.

    You will be able to run around the interior of the Colosseum, and the arena itself.
    It does not include the Hypogeum (the area beneath the arena) however.

    I would like to make it so that for modes such as DUEL, FFA, TDM, LTS, the arena is randomized and spawn points are too.
    For example, I might make it so that a maze spawns in the arena for FFA, or traps.
    Or perhaps a mockup village will spawn in the arena.

    For CTF, I will most likely put flags at opposite ends of the Colosseum.

    For Team Objective mode, the same could be done, only the objects that would appear inside of the arena are more or less just mockups of a sieges.

    To begin with though, the game modes supported will most probably just be FFA, TDM and LTS with no randomized features. I want to see what kind of feedback I get from the community first.
    I may not even work on it after initial release.

    **The map has plenty of them, but here are the most obvious ones:

    • Wierd texture/UV’s
    • Can’t go up the stairs to the inner most spectator seats, the player’s collision box is massive, and crouching makes no difference.
    • Can’t go up some other stairs for the same reason.
    • Had to scale the Colosseum to be taller than what it’s size should be, due to large player collision not allowing him to fit through most doorways.
      The colosseum has been rescaled to 0.8, 0.8, 0.9


  • Looks awesome! :O

  • Thanks! :)

    I just uploaded to workshop, and it has basic bot support for FFA, LTS, TDM.
    It also supports Duel, but no bots.

  • Oh man, good job. Looks very photo-realistic from the screenshots!

    Needs some cover from the archers though, me thinks.

  • awesome work Otreum :D

  • @Vesanus:

    Oh man, good job. Looks very photo-realistic from the screenshots!

    Needs some cover from the archers though, me thinks.

    Thanks :)

    As far as archers go, not much I can do about it. The map is best played on non archery servers I would say.

    I think that adding randomized arena content should help alleviate archery problems, but I would also need to restrict access to just the arena itself, because even if I added arena content, the archers would just run right up to the top of the colosseum and take pot shots from afar.

    I’m not really going to spend a huge amount of time on the map, i’ll probably just work on it every now and then. For the time being, I need to work on LOD meshes for all of the buildings in On The Edge for the contest.

  • Oohh, very nice :)

  • This looks really neat! Good job!


    • Reduced file size by learning teh art of teh level streamin’

    There still remains an issue where the texture for the floor does not appear. It shows up as the checker pattern. I’m not sure why it happens, I have rebuild geometry, rebuilt lighting, still happens. It works fine in editor, but once I upload, it doesn’t seem to work so well. I’ll try and fix this up in the next little update.


    • Fixed up the Colosseum floor not having a material.

  • All we need now is a mod to add gladiators like retiarii and secutores!


    So I have been wracking my brains over how to do Translucent shadows in UDK for the past day and a half, and I nearly threw in the towel, BUT, I got it working :D
    I will explain why later…or rather show you in the screenshots below :)
    Trying to couple this with animated cloud shadows was a bit of a pain, while trying to retain proper shadowing on the arena itself.
    There is still more work to be done in terms of shadowing, but for now, it is ok :)

    I also worked quickly on creating random props inside of the arena, such as random traps, arena layouts etc.

    For now, I just have 3 rough “stages” inside of the arena. 1 is a bunch of platforms in the middle, another has 2 defensive fortifications with ballista’s atop, and the other is just a pallisade maze which I want to also randomize, but I still have work to do on my contest map entry; On The Edge. So I won’t be investing a huge amount of time in randomization just yet.

    Anyway, without further ado, here is a sneak peak at some stuff I have been doing.

    Also well done to TBS on the patch update, I haven’t had time to really check it out online with people, but the GUI overhaul is looking rather sexy :D


    **So, there are some pretty big changes done, as you can see from the screenshots above.
    But the changes are more than just visual, the gameplay has also had a lot more attention.

    Now the arena spawns in random objects and traps.
    I would rather let you all see what traps and objects are on offer for the time being rather than spoiling it, but just know that they add environment danger, which everyone loves and loves to utilize during combat.

    When I say that these things are random, they either will, or won’t spawn in, and they may spawn in combination with other traps and props in the level too, so every game SHOULD be different. At least in terms of the environment.

    The shadows of the objects loading in are a bit wierd at the moment in the sense that they don’t seem to cast a very good shadow on themself, and on the environment. This is due mostly to needing to use Static Lighting for the translucent shade cloth shadows in combination with a dominant light source for cloud shadows.

    One more thing is that I have closed off access to the Colosseum corridoors for now, to try and centralize gameplay. However I will most likely be opening up the entire Colosseum for CTF and perhaps TO as I will be experimenting with a tug-o-war system where players will need to capture 3 points in the map. A central platform, and 2 sections in the interior of the Colosseum at opposite ends.

  • that rotating hammer… xD
    can you duck to survive?

  • The ground is really flat, i would improve that and get a better looking sand material there

  • Most Arena’s, even today, have pretty flat arena ground. The modern equivalents, football stadiums, baseball, etc. Relatively flat. Mostly that is where “even the playing field” phrase comes from.

    Anyway, looking great Otreum. Haven’t played it yet but I think it looks pretty good just from the screenshots.

  • KingJoff:
    Unfortunately not, since the player Collision/bounding mesh seems to remains the same size even while ducking. This mesh is used to collide with the world I am pretty sure. However unfortunately means it is difficult to get through some doorways or duck under objects or even jump over objects

    Also, thanks Nexussfire for clearing that up. :)

    It is supposed to be as Authentic as I can make it while balancing gameplay out.

    I considered using a landscape object for the arena floor to add slight height variation, but it is how it is.
    I will probably add sand piles for certain objects like pallisades etc so it feels like they are being supported by something.

  • Here is some tasty new screenshots for you all of the latest trap/prop I have been working on :)

    I have not updated the map on steam workshop yet to include the latest traps, but here is a bit of a peak at some of the carnage you will face with my latest creation :D

  • who the hell would even walk through there

  • @zombojoe:

    who the hell would even walk through there

    Once I get a server online for On The Edge and Colosseum, we shall see :P

    It might be just as deadly walking around on the outside with fire traps, spinning hammer totems, spikey pillars, spinning flame totems, flaming plates etc…depends on what spawns in that round :P
    I just updated the map if you wish to test it in offline mode, but currently, you can only see the latest trap while I script a better randomization system that will first load the big things/props/stages first, and then load traps based on those bigger things.

    There are ramps to go up higher and you can jump from platform to platform between the pendulum axes and hammers, archers will most likely reside up there though unfortunately.

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