Polls should be in one place on site

  • Imo Polls should be under balance and game mechanics. Or have a unique place.
    It seems to me sometimes they are just spouted out to get replies with no value
    and put any were on the site regardless. Now Two polls are started right in the
    competitive part of board, not to mention polls started by trolls purposely saying
    the opposite to what they believe just as they get banned for a series of
    “have a go at TB posts” polls tbh look nasty and hidious to me anyway but
    at least keeping them in one place on the site would make much more sense.

  • A poll is generally a poll and a discussion thread, so it makes sense for them to go in their relevant sub-section of the forum.

  • So it makes sense to have 3 recent polls about the Man at Arms now does it?
    Mr R started one as a troll post just as he was banned on his way out in balance and mechanics which
    is still thriving and now we 2 more man at arms polls in the competitive part of site.

  • a) the polls are on two different issues
    b) Jimmy made the 2nd flinch poll because the first was too vague or something

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