Chivalry not loading

  • I was on steam the other day and i wanted to play chivalry, so I clicked on it, it brought me to the screen where I can pick medieval warfare or deadliest warrior. (i own both of them) I tried to play medieval warfare but it didnt load.I did the same with deadliest warrior but it didnt load either.

    does anyone else have this problem?

    is there something wrong with steam?

    also i tried to find help through steam but it was a dead end. all the thing they recommended didnt work.


  • Any error messages?

    You can try renaming \Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config folder and try again

  • @Hunter: Try to launch the game here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\Win64\CMW.exe (or Win32 if you are on 32 bits)
    Normaly, this will work, i dont know why but the launcher os a little bit annoying something, i think it hate us ;)

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