How about some Official 1p only servers TB?

  • Everyone always assumed if you hit them in a “weird” way that you’re in third person doing so. I jumped off the banister at an archer with low health and turned around to do a reverse overhead in the air to beat his quick dagger stab, and it worked. His only response, “bet you can’t do that in first person”. I was in first person.

    I personally don’t see third person as as much of an advantage in combat as others do. The problem I have with third person is the ability to look around a corner without putting yourself in any danger and that kind of stuff (easy to see around shields). Combat-wise I tried it a few times when I first began playing this game and I couldn’t see shit in front of me.

  • yeah I feel the same way, doesn’t really have that much of an advantage. Yeah there are some things that can only be done in 3’rd person, but you can say the same thing of 1’st person.

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