Adding more dimensions to the game?

  • The thing with first person games is that they often get boring quickly(in my opinion).
    Something that I think would be help the game is the idea of expanding the game to other dimensions than just first person.
    A game that did this good was Mount and Blade with the expansion pack Warband, you had these elements of roleplaying, strategy AND first person combat, you could roam around recruiting and plundering villages, you could get raise your reputation within the land, upgrade your armor, weapons, horse and your followers, level up, level your army up, capture your own castle, village, the list can be made much longer than this.
    This gives the game incredible depth and keeps it interesting.

    The downside to Mount and Blade: Warband was that the graphics are outdated, the castles and villages all look the same, the AI in strategic and first person mode is pretty horrific, the characters within the game are quite dull and doesn’t stand out from one another, the quests are often very repetitive etc.

    The game itself is really great, I’ve devoted 100+ hours with this game and I’m still playing.
    With the content I’ve seen in your videos combined with some the elements of a game like Mount and Blade: Warband can become something really awesome and truly epic.
    I dare to say that it could be the greatest Medival wargame of the decade!

  • It is already the best Medieval game ever. And it is not M&B or an RPG.

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