Trying to use a flail…

  • I love the feeling of the flail but it is a really difficult weapon to use.

    Its too fast to lookup and to slow to look down. I like that it doesn’t use a huge amount of stamina to use and can deal incredible damage.

    I have been using the nord sword and broadsword as sidearms for a while and I am happy with them.
    Can I get some advice on using the flail and heavy flail?

    Im lvl 20 at the moment so Im learning drags spins look downs and such. I have trouble maintaining my stamina whilst using a shield in general.

  • I’ve always found footwork was good for the flail, baiting shots worked well - fighting someone on the edge of their longer range, then backtracking when they swing then come in with a nice flail shot. If you mistime range you’ve always got the shield too.

    Also I find people often misjudge the windup when defending against flail and finally it’s a good weapon for getting up close and around the side of shield users.

    There’s a section on tactics and tutorials where you mind find more useful info:

  • Also of note regarding the flail:
    This still happens, so attempting to drag your attacks with the flail may end in failure simply due to a random deviation, causing the tracers to not fully extend as they should.

    Against better players the flail is almost completely useless without feinting, since the attacks do not have a long release time for delaying, and aren’t quick enough to actually surprise them (like a sudden short sword stab might).
    Against newer players, moving towards their right side (your left) and utilizing the stab shield attack often works wonders. Repeat a couple of times to get their nerves prepared for a quick attack and then switch to a delayed alt overhand to score a heavy hit (usually the finishing blow if you landed two stab attacks).

  • I’ve been using the heavy flail a fair bit, and it is one of the most difficult weapons I’ve used, but one of the most satisfying to kill people with. The grin on my face everytime I whip a cheap brandistock user to death never seems to fade.

    My best advice would be to avoid group combat. If you’re up against more than one person they’re gonna just maintain stab distance if they’re smart about it, and knock you around like crazy. Try to draw players out or single the ones out on their own. Flail is very deceptive 1v1, use this to your advantage.

    Facehugging with the flail isn’t the best. Swings a lot of the time will ghost through players, try to keep about one step back to avoid clipping through them doing no damage. I also find looking up slightly with the overheads when facehugging makes the swing hit.

    Alternate overhead is a great way to hook them in the back of the legs. Look up, do an alternate over head, and follow it to the players left and look down slightly to hook it around behind them. If you pull it off right, they’ll miss the parry.

    Shield stabs are good finishing moves, but don’t do much damage. I find crouching on the ground, and then doing a shield stab confuses some players and works well haha.

    The lmb for some reason has the best reach, and is good for catching dodging man at arms off guard. Two lmbs to an archers torso kills them as well. Make sure to whip the archers dead body to show your dominance on the battlefield.

    Typing QPISH into the chat also shows people you’re not afraid to whip them.

    One important thing as well. Don’t turtle with the shield (Holding the shield up constantly) Good players will see this as an opportunity to heavy kick you and leave you open for a free hit. Try to lift the shield at the last moment to avoid kicks, or turn your back to the player if you see a kick coming. Aiming upwards with the shield also seems to block better than looking forwards.

    Good luck. Mad respect for you not taking the greatsword easy route :P

  • Thanks guys. Basically what you have said is what I have found. Im having a lot of fun with it even if its hard to get a MLGKD :)

  • Another well heeled Knight enters the fray, even if you are shit, at least with the heater shield you will look awesome. Nothing more to add Owens, apart from my admiration for trying to master a tricky weapon. Oh hang on; thought of something, the shield bash with the flail is more like a bitch slap, a totally satisfying finishing move.

  • The finishing bitch slap move on brandistock users. Soooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood.

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