New customisation update?

  • im DYING for more customisation. The last was pretty shit, since it had very little, and it introduced an ugly spartan skin, instead of just building on the original spartan.
    I have played DW for 460 hours, so i need something fresh to keep me playing.
    The main things i REALLY want to see is:

    • New Corinthian helmet
    • Three new armor colours including jet black
    • Capes
      Even if it is DLC i would buy it because i LOVE this game, and i want to customise more SO BADLY.
      Will there even be anymore updates?

  • Capes.

    If you enjoy 10FPS then capes are absolutely possible. If you want a better framerate then its no capes.

    And how can they get a new Corinthian helmet?? You mean another crest on top? They are already running low on crests. They already got the Spartan crest and the generic Greek/Roman crest.

    The armour colours are for what material it’s made out of and what condition its in.

  • I mean a different styled corinthian helmet; much more sleek and fancy looking. It would be cool to have a really cool looking one with no crest.
    And that really shouldnt matter for the armor colours. Who care about historical accuracy in a game where knights fight pirates. Besides, it is completely possible to have black metal

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