Download Workshop Item

  • I am trying to download my own workshop item but without luck. I can download other maps from the workshop without problems. When I click ‘Download’ under the ‘OWNER CONTROLS’ section nothing happens.
    When I subscribe to my own map, the download starts (says around 14 MB) but even after it finished I don’t see the map in my “CookedSDK” folder (I deleted the map folder and the map in the ‘__CMWSDKFiles’-folder).

    Others can’t download the map either. Visibility is set to friends only.

    After the map is compiled, the folder contains a .u script file (which is hopefully uploaded as well). However, I tried both settings for Wokshop upload: Mod and Map.


    Ok, seems like the problems were caused by the huge update which was released a few minutes ago. After the update I can choose to update Workshop files in the launcher and it works!

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