OpenGL cooking is reenabled

  • Developer

    It’s a good idea to recook your maps with the GUI Refresh patch if you previously cooked them during the time when we had OpenGL cooking disabled (that’s most of you, since IIRC we disabled it before the SDK even left “beta”). Please don’t delete the OpenGL shader cache to save space like some people were doing before, Valve recently increased the file size limit to 400 MB so that’s a good twice the amount of space we used to have for Workshop files.

    Your map will still work if you don’t do this, however this will ensure it’s future-proofed.

  • how exactly would we cook using OpenGL

    is it enabled automatically or something?

    is this a hint for upcoming mac/linux support as well?

  • Developer


    how exactly would we cook using OpenGL

    Just recook, you should get an OpenGL shader cache alongside the SM3 one.

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