A couple words on the new patch

  • I like this patch, but why are my frames so terrible all of a sudden? I thought this was supposed to improve performance, but even with all settings on low, I get huge frame drops that I never experienced before. I was able to get 120 solid FPS on most maps but now it just randomly drops to 40-50 when I take a look around the map. And this was on a relatively small TDM server. On a bigger TO server my FPS was 30 and dropped to 20 in combat, which is about as bad as Coldfront.

    And about TDM. Why change it to a boring COD-esque gamemode? I liked the resources just fine, and I think others will agree with me. Now all your team has to do is get 60 kills total and that’s it. If there are good players in your team, you might all end up with about 10 kills per match. Or someone might get 30+ and the rest of his team will be left with almost nothing. If you’re gonna go about it like this, at least make the required amount of kills a bit higher.

    But more importantly, work on the game’s performance issues.

  • i heard its cause of a glitch with the ragdoll slider, or something. dunno.

    thanks for the UI patch though TBS, appreciated

  • Did you check the config settings weren’t increased from your normal? I normally play on low, and it changed all mine to highest after the patch.

    As far as TDM, not really sure what difference it makes whether it’s called kills or resources it was the same thing. Although it used to be 80 resources, not sure why it’s now 60.

    Edit: OP, man, you rank up so fast.

  • Config file got reset, as always…

    I do now experience extreme flickering on all player models on the map battlegrounds, a bug which is known to me, but got fixed eventually, so it seems like it got patched back in. Chat window is barely readable at times because of bad contrast.

    Otherwise yeah, sort of also experienced worse performance than before.

  • Still got a solid 120fps from what i tested and no ones care about TDM, sorry.

  • I’m experiencing a slow fps drop at stone hill. It creeps down slowly to 15-20fps. Then after a while, it slowly comes up to 30-40.

    I put the settings as low as possible and it still happens…

  • I’m fine with all aspects of the patch so far -I absolutely LOVE that there is an XP bar now- HOWEVER as Jon Knows mentioned, TDM is limited to 60 kills in an official 24 man server. This means when the server is full, the game is over in 2-3 minutes tops (avg. of 5 deaths per player is all it takes - which means better players only get 2-3 deaths before the game is over, while not as skilled players die 5-7 times). We’ve also lost the exciting aspect of having resources. It was fun watching a team get down to their last few players and battle it out for the win. This also hampered the negative effects of having teammates that keep dying over and over - because the better players would at least have that moment at the end to try and steal the win. Now the match is suddenly over - can’t even see it coming unless you’re constantly reading the chat or tabbing to check the score.

  • Huge fps drops for me as well, it went from 60 with occasional drops to 25-35 fps. And it isn’t my PC, it was OK (for chivalry standards) before last patch.

  • I, like many people are losing many frames, the trick is to disable the overlay with H (that turns off your friend makers and TO markers) Tobi has screen shots proving he went from sub 30 fps to 90 by disabling it.

    So the option is either play the game as normal but blind to player locations and objective status. or keep those on and play with horrible varying framereate

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree with the green text guy. TDM was funner how it was before.

  • I agree the new TDM sucks. The old version was more interesting for the noted reason in green above.
    The UI looks nicer but.

  • Even with H toggled, I get dropped frames everywhere. I’ve seen it drop to 20 fps - with a 780 TI and a 120 hz monitor.
    Seriously, how does that even happen? And, WHY? The game is 2 years old. Why are you changing the UI again? Maybe you guys could stop fixing what ain’t broke?

  • dawg, we rollin dubs now!

    check this bling bling out! new patch is toats awesome! best patch so far out of best patches!

    this is rockin the ages! time and money well spent as far as I can throw

  • @BillDoor:

    Even with H toggled, I get dropped frames everywhere. I’ve seen it drop to 20 fps - with a 780 TI and a 120 hz monitor.
    Seriously, how does that even happen? And, WHY? The game is 2 years old. Why are you changing the UI again? Maybe you guys could stop fixing what ain’t broke?

    I use a shitty 5850, what CPU you got? Lowest I saw my frames drop were 55.

  • Hmm, I remember getting gradually worse fps on Stoneshill when testing the beta with bots a month ago. Iirc, the ragdoll slider was the solution. I set it to my default. (0)

    All right, played a game on Stoneshill now with ragdoll length set to 0 from the start and I too experienced a gradual fps drop that got intense towards the end. Reconnecting to the server did fix that, though. I’m gonna try to find out if there’s an option or something that can fix the problem mid-game too.

    Anyways, Stoneshill should definitively be given a look at by TBS. As should DF. Currently, the two maps that are fun to scrim on are broken.

  • It appears the AA was the cause of my frame drops, i’m not sure though as perhaps we always had some AA activated? Anyways, if you’re on the same boat, you can try this:

    • Go to C:\Users\Derp\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\
    • Open UDKSystemSettings.ini with notepad and change the line “PostProcessAAType=” from whatever number it has to 0.

    It helped me a bit (i think)

  • Ragdoll isn’t working properly, I had it set to 4 and bodies stayed around longer than 4 seconds.

  • It is working properly. The ragdoll setting now determines how many ragdolls will stay at the same time. If noone else dies, the ragdolls are permanent.

  • The keybinding wont let you use a key that is already bound somewhere it seems. I wonder that we can’t delete a key because the delete key is in use in the keybindings…

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