Return of AoC maps

  • I find it kind of awkward the following hasn’t been mentioned yet, I looked around but found no thread about it. So, if I missed it, please redirect me.

    As anyone who even played a bit of Age of Chivalry might’ve noticed, they copied a couple of maps from AoC to Chivalry and gave them a couple of changes, not only graphical wise, obviously, but also in layout and objective. Darkforest is an example, as is the map where Agatha ships land on the shores underneath a Mason fortress. I can’t recall the exact name of it here, but it was Sorrow in AoC.

    So, will we see the return of more of these AoC maps? Monastery and Siege for example were both some pretty nice maps and you would already have the basic concept/objectives for them in Chivalry. If this hasn’t been working on yet, obviously.

    Also, why remove the ‘sneaky’ paths? A lot of the AoC maps had some sort of ‘hidden’ path that could be used to ambush the enemy. In Darkforest, there used to be a cave, in which you had to destroy some wooden barricades to get past, and at the other end you’d end up behind the enemy lines. On the ‘Sorrow’ map aswell, there was a pathway carved up in the mountain. Both of these have been removed in the current version in Chivalry. Why remove them? It gave more map variety, more options to attack and just in general more interesting battles. In fact, I haven’t even encountered a single sneaky pathway on any map in Chivalry.
    I am really wondering why they did this, and I do hope they won’t do it in future maps.

  • You didn’t look hard enough.

    This topic has been made several times, one by me even.

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