[Chiv] Crosshairs won't stay turned off properly

  • **What is the issue: I like to play Chivalry with my crosshairs disabled, for immersion purposes. And since the new patch (28?) whenever I strike an enemy the crosshairs appear, and stay visual in my screen until I stop hitting my enemy.:

    **Full details on reproducing this issue: Just turn off the crosshairs, go up to an enemy (in-game of course) and hit them with a weapon.
    It is probably important to know that I tested this melee only. I restarted chivalry several times, turned crosshairs off and on several times in the configuration screen, also using the keybind ‘U’ in-game to turn the crosshairs off and on, and the problem was always there. I expect TB will have no problem reproducing this problem. :

    **Videos and/or screenshots: Since this is a dynamic problem a video would be helpful, however I am not skilled with reporting software, and found no easy in-game recording button.:

    **Other comments: Hope this problem of mine turns out to be an easy fix, since it is disturbing my immersion and fun greatly.


  • It is known.

  • Ah see you spotted it as well. Never thought to check the original thread. Jumped right to bug report section and found no mention of it here…

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