Stronghold Crusader 2?

  • This looks interesting although I have never heard of the game, does anyone have this type of game?
    Slightly expensive at £26 in steam store but does look good tbh

  • Stronghold series is a medieval RTS and includes building you castle, gathering food, setting up infrastructure, training your army, battling and solving societal woes.

    I have the first stronghold game and thought it was alright. Cool for the castle building but little else. AI was horrid. Stronghold Crusader seems to be a fan favorite among the franchise, so I would assume Crusader 2 will just expand on what made it great. From the trailers, it looks to be this way.

    I’d wait for a sale, but it’s a solid medieval RTS franchise, one of the best. I’d also recommend Crusader 2 as a great starting point, as it appears to be a culmination of improvements and refinements from the studios earlier titles.

  • I think I played the SSI Stronghold game from 1993.

  • Stronghold Crusader is da bomb.

    Everything after that has been disappointing so I’m not expecting anything great from crusader 2.

  • It does look expensive I will wait for the sale as mr Hexen suggested. As I mean’t to get wolfenstien that is now dropped to
    £20 on Amazon.

  • Absolutely love the original since it came out in like early 2000s, so I’m pumped for this.

  • This gonna be gud, the 2d ones are simply awesome.

  • Well done idd. I had completely forgotten about this game and mean to buy it soon.

  • Buy Stronghold Crusader HD it kicks ass.

  • @Fitfit:

    Buy Stronghold Crusader HD it kicks ass.

    HD patch is free if you have the original and doesn’t erase files.

  • Crusader 2 comes out this Tuesday, anyone already pre-loaded?

  • A good reminder as I forget everything. I might get 2 or 3 of those special editions with the extra goodies.

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