I like this game

  • I like this game, and I am confident it will receive patches in the future.

    That is all.

  • I envy your optimism.

  • Probably wouldn’t hurt if more people expressed their affection for the game.

  • I get you. Frankly, aside from the random MW twats who come in to whine about how they still haven’t attained perfect asymmetric balance in a team game, I think the vast majority of people in here do care about DW on some level. At least enough to come on the forum and give thought out suggestions and feedback with something approaching regularity. Hell, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be upset with the terrible management. I’d just let the game go and do something semi-productive with my time. The game’s got huge potential, but so far that’s all it’s got. :/

    It’s hard to just say that you like the game when you’re staring so many unacknowledged problems in the face, is what I’m saying.

  • Oh, I agree, many aspects of the game are frustratingly problematic. I suppose I ultimately made this in an attempt to have some form of largely-positive discourse/public expression of support for TB occurring on the front page of the forum. A sort of “I see what you’re doing here” in regards to their relative silence in the face of the community’s whiplashing opinions (“They released DW now they’ll never fix MW/They’re patching MW now they’ll never fix DW”).

    On the other hand, it’s a pretty low-traffic forum and as soon as people who aren’t me stop posting here it’ll go under, given time. Furthermore, there’s still no guarantee that events will align in such a way as to allow TB to keep their unwritten and rather ambitious promises. Still, I know how much it means to hear that people like the thing you did.

  • Oh, now I see. Yeah, by all means, let’s show we’re not TOTALLY jaded just yet.

    TB, frankly, I don’t know what to do with you. You guys stumbled onto an amazing niche that had yet to be satisfyingly filled by games like WotR and Mount and Blade, and it was and still is pretty goddamn fantastic. Some of your logic is very understandable and easy to grasp, I.E. not responding to either side of the shitstorm your community raises regularly. Some, not so much, a la complete and utter radio silence regarding everything but MW balance. You managed to get lightning to strike twice already with MW and DW, all that remains is to see if you can keep the hits coming with good support. You’ve got a playerbase that’s happy to play, despite all their protests, and there’s no game that can fill the same role. You’ve got a chokehold on this genre, and all eyes are on you regarding it’s development. Show us what you’ve got, TB.

  • When i still played this i asked myself why i kept going back to pirate. I realized it was because the melee combat is atrocious.

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