Server Transfer players option?

  • Just out of curiosity does this game have a server switch to transfer all the players on the server
    at that time to another server? Somebody I know setup a system that could swop servers during
    the map change over so they ended up on its twin server in another part of the usa. This enabled
    them to stick players on another server while the original was reset/rebooted. After this they were
    simply transferred back to the server. By using Two servers this way no down time happened at all.
    It was very good and happened as you waited for the map change with no interruptions at all.
    A game like this were servers are crashing might benefit with such a switch/option for hosts imo.

  • I think your most servers in any games need to be reset/rebooted after a certain amount of hours
    so that is why I made the post above, its unlikely servers will just trundle on endlessly for days
    without needing a reset or boot to free up its memory and resources.

  • I don’t think this is possible within the unreal engine. Also it’d have potential to be abused

    We generally don’t need to reboot the servers (they tend to crash/bug out before we get a chance :P)

    I know of custom rcon tools that will monitor the server to see if it’s empty for an hour then restart it using a hack into tcadmin, but such tools are not public (but do happen). Also just the basic scheduled restarts at an odd time of day

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