I'm sick of you

  • @H:

    im sick of loin getting all the glory

    infrak for obvious self glorification thread

    infrak for bakseat moderatin

  • @zombojoe:

    infrak for bakseat moderatin

    infrak for stating obvious

    **actually, infrak for not showing more of stylin coat in avatar

  • Are you sick of family get together’s ?


  • I’m sick of the greatsword, messer, broadsword and fucking archers.

    Maybe its time to play some other game while the balance patch doesn’t come out. Shit is making me mad.

  • Inferior Third Person Gamers and High Fov Fake Gamers

  • superior 5760X1080 3rd person master race of godsbased valhalla

  • I’m sick of soft biscuits tbh. Esp the cookies and shortcakes

  • im sick of bad fps in chivalry

  • Mod

    I’m sick of these mother fucken snakes on this mother fucken plane. I’m sick of paying the extra few bucks for a cold carton of beer only to take it home and find out they’re room temperature. I’m sick of being told I’m not allowed to use a mobile phone during a test. If you can use a phone in real life to find the answers to things, why the fuck can’t you in a test. It’s called being resourceful you lecturer cunt. I’m sick of weathermen talking shit. If you don’t know the answers, check your fucken phones you stupid lying cock smokers. I’m sick of sick people getting sick and then making me sick. I’m sick of playing two maps of chivalry and crashing. I’m sick of shit music on the radio, fuck your beep boop beep repeat the same shit songs, it’s garbage. I’m sick of shit cunt casuals with greatswords. I’m sick of planes vanishing and crashing. I’m sick of shit cunt bosses abusing their workers and getting away with it. I’m sick of women constantly wanting to know what I’m doing, if I’m not doing them, then it’s probably not something very interesting. I’m sick of lining up to get into a club only to be told I can’t get in because one of my mates is drunk and we have no chicks with us. Nothing frustrates me more than a dumb cunt with the IQ of a brain damaged goldfish having power over me. I’m sick of piss poor console ports.

    Alright I’m done, I’m done.

    • AA ^
      This bucket is to small hehe I must have his above tbh

  • @zombojoe:

    im sick of coldfront/outpost

    This man is probably a new Messiah. Perhaps Coldfront and outpost should be terminated forever before they start another worldwar.

  • @Tyoson:

    . I’m sick of planes vanishing and crashing.


    AHAHHAhahAhahh wtf man

  • Mod

    I’m sick of fat women in tight gym pants!

  • Do you go to the gym to be sick often ?
    I’m sick of large companies avoiding taxes in the UK, with more joining the elite circle every other month.
    Some of the big ones fiddled the uk out of 18 million a year. Let alone the green pals on that island letting
    them have Head offices on the land to aid tax fiddles.
    ( as cryptic as it gets to avoid slander of big Companies ) As the law protects them by bono

  • Mod

    I’m sick of studying. At least at uni when you study there’s hot women to chat to. Tradey study sucks.

  • @zombojoe:

    im sick of coldfront/outpost

    wut!? outpost is good

  • @50ShadesofClay:

    wut!? outpost is good

    outpost is poop because of that fog on 2nd objective

  • I don’t like abandoning carts I just pushed down the hill.

  • @Rickvs:

    I don’t like abandoning carts I just pushed down the hill.

    but tree is in the way m’lord

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    but tree is in the way m’lord

    That’s why we need the addition of the Lumberjack class.

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