Latest patch, HUD marker bug.

  • I just noticed that all of my HUD markers that are designed to show for one team only, now show for both teams.

    Lets say I have a hud marker that says “BREAK” for Agatha, but for Masons, there is no text to be displayed at all, the little arrow still displays. There are no spaces in the text field for Mason either.

    I DID just work out a fix while I was writing this post, and the temporary work-around is to put a blank space where the icon field is in the properties of the HUD marker, so that no icon appears.

    I don’t know and haven’t tested if this fixes the progress bar yet though.

    Another bug is that when you destroy an object “AOCstaticmesh”, the hud icon and text remains if using TBSHUD.
    I believe that previously, the marker would disappear.

    The only way around this is to use a HUD marker for every breakable object in the map, and have it toggled off when the object is broken.
    I have a lot of breakables in my map……which means this adds a significant amount of work time.

  • Also ammo boxes dont show the 3 arrow symbol for masons.

  • So I’m not the only one without progress bar ?!

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