Epic Looking 11 Kill Tare! Fork Gameplay

  • Hey Guys im Tango and here’s a Nasty little 11 Killstreak i got myself Earlier using my Fork at the very start of a round. I upload regularly so if you enjoy my Work please leave us a like since it gives an insane amount of exposure for my, Something i couldnt do alone. And if you feel you wouldn’t mind a Chivalry video on your Subs page each day then Subscribe and Join the Tainted Community Today :D


  • Well played idd. I gave it the thumbs up but it doesn’t show even after refresh. site problems possibly

  • Oh it shows up for me, Really appreciate the Thumbs up man :D. Ive gotten more before, I’ll maybe kill 3-4 guys on average but every now and then a double number sneaks up. I never have my recording program up when it happens, So 11 was the highest i could get it at 4am.

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