Very low texture resolution.

  • So…i am experiencing very low resolution textures. I am not sure if this happens, because of my computer, because im not experiencing anything like this in other games. My usual experience in-game has been like the following:
    I join and everything apart from menus is low res(Even mainmenu is fine). Sometime from joining a server, some things change to high res (like ground textures, foliage and my weapon), but character textures seem to stay low res(yes, I’ve checked, all my texture settings are on high)
    a screenshots of the following issue:
    Im trying to answer questions, if you have any, as best as i can.

  • I seem to be running into the same issue from time to time. Not very often, but there are some occasions where characters are just stuck on their LOD model client-side.

    Quite annoying to fight when everything looks like clay.

  • Have you modified any of your config files? There might be a problem inside one of them that’s causing the issue. If not, I suggest to do a cache check through steam to check for corrupted files. You may want to do this anyway with modded configs. Sometimes patching just goes awry with Unreal Engine for whatever wonky reasons it can find.

    If the problem persists through doing a cache check, go into your “My Documents” folder, find “My Games” and then into Chivalries folder, then “UDK Game” > “Config” and remove the files from this folder to a backup folder on your desktop or some such. Run the game again, and see if it still does it.

  • I did check my cache and it still happened.
    I also moved files from config folder and it still occurs.

  • One of my friends gets a similar problem as well. It only happens to like 1/3rd of the textures (e.g. ground textures), but on almost every map. The textures load in properly after a couple minutes.

    Started a few weeks ago, and he didn’t have the issue before.

    What are your computer specs?

  • Hi fellas since today i experiencing same problem dont know why i didnt change anything i have a high end Pc so everything is set on max but all of sudden my texture looks in low resolution sometimes it changes to high and the after couple of seconds again to low.I asked other players about that issue and a few of players on the same server i was playing on said they have a same issue since today.I dont know what that is but i hope TB will replay on this thread because it looks horrible for me to play it in low resolution when it was working perfectly before while all other games like crysis 3 runs on ultra without any problem on my PC.

  • i have the same problemos

  • It also affects lighting. Dynamic lighting is broken.


  • More amazingness

    Didn’t even bother loading any sort of texture here lol

    You can hide in the ground all over stonshill.

  • rly weird. One of my pals has had this for more than 3 weeks, and we thought it was something wrong with his computer because nobody else had complained about it until 2 days ago. We were swapping graphics cards and reinstalling everything for days trying to sort this out. -___-

  • Hahaha It looks like ‘r_picmip 5’

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    Is it also frequently crashing for those with the visual issues?

  • @dudeface:

    What are your computer specs?

    AMD Phenom™ II X4 960T Processor 3.00GHz
    8,00 GB RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
    Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Here you go, if you still need this.

  • @Tyoson:

    Is it also frequently crashing for those with the visual issues?

    Not for me at least,but i have noticed leaving a server leads to an endless loadingscreen.

  • Hello there,

    I started a thread in Bug reports with exactly the same problem:

    win 7 pro x64, I5 3570k, 8Go DDR3 , HD 7870 XT, catalyst 13.12

    I think the problem only appears with AMD radeon graphic cards :/

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    Not for me at least,but i have noticed leaving a server leads to an endless loadingscreen.

    At the end of a game every couple of maps it’ll completely hang up and I have to ctrl alt delete my game.

    I have a radeon 5850. Interesting…

  • My friend has an AMD GPU as well. I wonder if its a driver thing.

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    My friend has an AMD GPU as well. I wonder if its a driver thing.

    Haven’t updated my driver in months. Unless it somehow did it automatically, but I doubt it :/

  • i updated mine : catalyst 13.12 to 14.4 and no improvements … :/

  • Mines the latest too but I also have a 5000 series card. The 5670. Mines automatic but it tells you and its a while thing updating your drivers so you would notice. Its unreals texture streaming thing gone wrong.

    Though it also affects lighting which is strange.

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