Texture streaming very slow

  • Hello the chivalry community, :courage:

    Since the last update “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 28 (UI Refresh) Hotfix**” i got very low texture at the start but this is very long to load compare to before and sometimes some spots in the map are low textured o_O

    My rigs : win 7 pro x64, I5 3570k, 8Go DDR3 , HD 7870 XT, catalyst 13.12

    here is some screenshots:

    Any ideas? I want to say there were no problems before with the same settings !!

    Thanks in advance for your aid.:angel:

  • One of my friends has been experiencing this for a couple weeks now. It’s pretty odd.

  • I’m experiencing similar issues. The textures load in very slowly. For the first short while (perhaps a few minutes) many of the textures are plain/gray like what OP posted. This started happening I think only a couple days ago. I don’t think it started when the UI patch hit.

  • while we await a fix, a workaround is to disable texture steaming:

    Edit the config file

    1. Open %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKSystemSettings.ini
    2. Search for the lines which includes TEXTUREGROUP and add ,NumStreamedMips=0 before the )

    i.e. before:



  • I can confirm that this bug is happening to me and all of my Steam friends on a seemingly random basis. Sometimes it only affects player models, while other times an entire map can look like the screenshot in the OP. Other than this bug, everything in the latest patch rocks =)

  • @platinum:

    catalyst 13.12

    Your drivers are 8 months old bro. Getting the latest drivers won’t fix this issue but still you should have them.

  • I have the latest Nvidia drivers, and had no streaming texture before ( or not visible ). Now, maybe related to the latest UI patch, I have extremely slow texture streaming aswell.

    Sometimes it finally loads, but the sunlight is missing :

    Or sometimes, the texture loads the 1rst part of the map, but some texture are still in a very low resolution in the last part of the TO map.

    It’s odd and I’d like to see that fix asap :)
    Hoepfully it’s aknowledged by the devs.

    in the meantime, I’ll try your fix Monkeyfiend, and give a feedback.

    Win7 64bits pro / Intel i5 2500k / 8Go DDR3 / Geforce 560ti

  • Just change"bUseTextureStreaming=True" to “bUseTextureStreaming=False” in your UDKEngine.ini (located in your Documents\Games\Chiv folder). This is at least a temporary solution until the actual bug is fixed.

  • Emmm… where is that file ? what’s the full name please ? ( Did a research and there are a lot of different “config” things in there).
    Edit : Ok, done that Dudeface, thx. Will try now.
    Edit² : Works well ! Textures are instantly fully loaded, thanks ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Chivscape is amazing.

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