[Workshop content] bDontAddSdkMapsToList does nothing

  • Enabling or disabling bDontAddSdkMapsToList does nothing.
    This was first reported back in April and it’s still not working.

    If you once launched your server with multiple custom maps, all those maps are added to some hidden download list. This causes the server to try to update/download all those items at launch, even if you want to run the server with a selection of them.
    A waste of bandwidth for no reason is an obvious problem. If you had added a lot of the TO Contest maps then you’ll be forced to download hundreds of mb everytime you start your server.

    Based on the documentation here, the property should tell the server not to add them to some list of workshop items.

    I searched my server directory and I couldn’t find any files that listed the SDK maps I had previously downloaded. There were no txts with the workshop ids. The map names or the workshop item URL’s are nowhere to be found.

    The other consequence of this bug is that later, if you try ‘getserversdkmaps’ on the client, you will see a bunch of maps that the server has previously downloaded. Meaning that if you launched a server with a single custom map, players will get the full list and be able to vote them too.

  • I think this hasn’t been fixed yet and it’s still quite a bother to have the server download a bunch of unwanted maps (like things you subscribed to several months ago) which can be voted by assholes (using getserversdkmaps).

    Perhaps I’m missing some info, but I couldn’t find any effective documentation on the matter.

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