Warmod Beta Release

  • Warmod Beta v.01 Release

    Steam workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292007783

    By Omar War Ogre

    Warmod is a teamplay overhaul for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare that redesigns and rebalances classes, weapons and game mechanics.

    Teamplay is often sorely lacking in Chivalry matches, with players afraid to group up with teammates for fear of lethal team damage. Warmod makes teammates impassable to swings - attacks deflect off them like walls or terrain. This limits the potential for wild “cluster♥♥♥♥s” to develop when groups of players clash, as players can no longer swing or stab blindly through their teammates to hit enemy players.

    Stamina is often a hindrance to fluid play, with slow stamina regen punishing players for fighting and winning for extended periods. Increased stamina regen conserves the stamina-based combat system, while reducing the punishment players receive between fights in terms of stamina loss. Future plans in this area include adding a short parry for players who are stunned.

    Classes and weapons have also been overhauled to encourage more varied and interesting teamplay. Each of the melee classes now has a more severe weakness - knights are weak to blunt attacks, vanguards to pierce, men-at-arms to swing. Knights also gain increased resistance to other damage types, becoming almost immune to swing attacks, while vanguards are more padded against blunt and swing damage than previously. This creates a more interesting teamplay situation, where particular weapons excel against particular enemies.

    Heavy and unbalanced weaponry like polearms, knight axes and hammers, and maces, now all have shorter parry windows, while the parry windows of well balanced weapons like swords have been slightly increased. However, the stamina drain abilities of heavy weapons have been greatly improved. As a result, unwieldy weapons are more difficult to parry with, but can also smash enemies off balance with greater ease - polearms in particular are best used in teams, where a few coordinated attacks against an enemy can see them knocked off balance and stunned for an easy kill.

    Overall, the matchups of weapons and classes have gained new depth compared to vanilla Chivalry, and encourage new group tactics, as well as a more diverse use of weaponry.

    You can run the mod by adding modname=War to the end of the map change command in the console e.g. open aocto-darkforest_?modname=War

    Special thanks to [£ow] Camponês Imundo for providing the mod template, and for UnrealScripting help

  • Can you post some detailed changelog?

  • Looks really damn good, I’ve wanted to see the weapon retract when hitting team mate since early days, as it was a constant problem in mount and blade warband too.

    I would also like to see a changelog, that’d be great! :)

  • This sounds cool. Would be interesting to see what’s different.

  • That’s really cool !
    I like the way you’re thinking about teamplay.

    But I think team damages is the most important thing in chivalry’s teamplay.

  • What is a swing attack? Cant you do a swing attack with a blunt weapon?

  • @MassiveChaos:

    What is a swing attack? Cant you do a swing attack with a blunt weapon?

    Cut damage is also known as swing damage, ie. swords slashes and overheads.

  • Anyone hosting?

  • I’m hosting a server for it soon, just getting everything set up.

    Changelog is being worked on now.

  • Changelog Warmod Beta v.01


    • Teammates now impassable to damage
    • Stamina regeneration rate increased by 300%


    • Knight – swing resistance increased to 90%, pierce resistance to 80%, blunt resistance decreased to 30%
    • Vanguards – swing resistance increased to 80%, pierce decreased to 30%, blunt increased to 50%
    • Man-at-arms- swing resistance decreased to 125%, pierce increased to 30%, blunt increased to 30%
    • Archer- swing resistance decreased to 150%, piece and blunt to 100%


    • Polearms, maces and knight axes/hammers have parry window decreased to 300ms (slight variations between weapons highly subject to tweaking). Same weapons have received boosts to stamina drain
    • Knife/dagger and one handed axe parry window decreased to 400ms
    • Greatsword and Zweihander parry windows decreased to 450ms and 400ms respectively
    • Broadsword , sword of war and claymore parry windows increased to 550ms
    • Longsword parry window increased to 600ms
    • All weapons have had stamina drain resistance reduced to zero from 15, except for swords which retain a resistance of 20 for sabre/shortsword/falchion, 30 for broad/norse/vanguard swords, and 50 for knight swords.


    • Warbow and heavy crossbow move penalty while aiming/drawn increased to 90%, longbow and crossbow to 80%, light crossbow to 60%, shortbow unchanged
    • Axe stabs now do swing instead of blunt damage, ditto for spear slashes
    • Messer and Zweihander have had their overhead and slash attacks changed from swing/swingblunt to pierce type damage, and stabs changed to swing damage.
    • War axe stab now does pierce damage
    • Sabre stab changed from pierce to swing damage
    • Hunting knife increased in size by 50%, stab changed from pierce to swing damage
    • Brandistock only does swing damage now

  • Server is up at, or just look for “Team Objective | Warmod Beta” server in your server browser. You can check out the steam workshop page for Warmod at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292007783

    The workshop page has vital info about how the mod works, it helps a lot to read it first before playing the mod!

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