Two issues

  • Hi all, this is my first time posting on these forums so hopefully I did everything correctly.

    I have two issues: firstly, the one I came here specifically for, is that every time I attempt to completely exit the game by doing exit>confirm, the game freezes for what seems and indefinite period of time. I have to go to task manager just to tab out, and even then I can’t actually access the task manager because the Chivalry window somehow makes my screen black (except the bottom windows bar) and won’t let me pull up any other windows. After it eventually shuts down, I now can no longer run the game from steam, and instead get the “failed to run app: game already running” message, even though I have checked task manager (apps and background processes) and found nothing. So there’s that.

    The other issues I have when I actually manage to get the game running is that zero servers appear when I click join game, and never do even after the little sword thing stops spinning.

    I tried uploading the DxDiag and Launch files, DxDiag should be there but the launch and the launch backup was dubbed invalid…so sorry about that.

    Thanks in advance.

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