Can I make a Weapon Selection Suggestion?

  • I’m all for the saved loadouts and I think we’ve wanted them for a long time, however i think the current system could be improved. I kind of find it a little annoying to have to individually select each weapon. It’s good how it is if you like your secondary or always have the same throwable or such, but a hassle if you want to select a whole new loadout.

    I suggest you add something at the bottom of the class like “change loadout” to bring up a screen where you can just pick all 3 weapon selections at once again. Then still keep the 3 boxes if you only need to change 1 thing out of the 3. I like being able to ‘click click click’ all 3 selections at once. I change my weapons often.

    plus, having the images rather than a little weapon avatar is nice. By now i pretty much know the order and location of all the weapons in the grid, but i still get confused now sometimes by 3 swords next to each other or the polearms for instance and i have to double check i’m picking the right stuff.

    While you’re at it, might as well put a Random button next to the change loadout button :)

  • I agree with this. Overall it’s still better than the old system though, and I’m happy for that.
    Some classes when I change my loadout I tend to have to change 2 or even 3 items (e.g. archer, need to select ammo type / pavis etc [this resets every time], knight if I change primary type I change 2ndary).

  • just bring back the random button

    it was so fun to random team, random class, random loadout

  • We could have some dropdown menu for profiles we can save

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