Random bad frame rate?

  • Up until today I have never experienced any frame-rate related issues in chiv but today my computer is acting like another machine. Game is being very slow in general, even bringing up the esc menu is ridiculously slow. Changing the texture settings seems to make no difference. No out of the ordinary background tasks running.

    Intel core i7-4700hq@2.40ghz


    64bit os

  • There was a patch last week that affected performance for a wide range of various hardware setups, laptops especially. You may try turning off the Anti-aliasing setting to try and improve performance. The big drain is really coming from the new UI, and it eats up a bit more processing power than before.

    I would suggest running a cache check for the game just because to make sure all of your files are in good order, which can have an impact on performance for slower hard drives and such.

    Do you have any of your config files custom tweaked at all?

  • Tweaked some files as a response to today’s nonsense. My rig is high-performance and built for gaming so I doubt the new UI would have much to do with it. Worked fine last weekend.

  • I think I’m getting better fps than I’ve been getting in a long time, actually :’)
    Though I’ve gotten so used to low settings now that I can’t see what’s going on as well with high settings anymore, haha.

  • Sounds pretty stupid, but have you tried another game?
    I remember I was about to make a thread on these forums once until I found out my PC suddenly couldn’t handle the fog at Skyrim’s main menu neither. Turns out graphics card got disconnected somehow.

  • If you run chiv borderless, you might try turning it to regular full screen.

    In the past I’ve also had problems with dual-monitor setups, running chiv on the main monitor.

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