Deadliest warrior DOESNT WORK!

  • Just bought the dlc and when i try to run it from the regular launcher it just closes and reopens everytime, now if i open the chivalry beta launcher and click deadlist warrior the game starts but there are no servers, i have tried running it in different modes(safe,32bit), making sure my fallwalls are off, nothings working.
    Also I tried it both win32 and 64 the CDW.exe and it just runs the games launcher everytime. i verified the cache didnt work now i just reinstalled it and that didnt work also. I can play medieval warfare fine it just deadliest warrior.o

    I played the deadlist warrior when it was a free to play weekend and it worked fine so i dont understand the problems now.

    Any Help please?

  • So i ran deadliest warrior again and now it works, (no idea why) but there arnt any servers, i have unblocked firewall, and checked filters.

    Edit, Back to opening launcher and it closing again….

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