How do you use the Butchers Messer?

  • Do i have to unlock the Messer and the thing i just bought (butchers messer) is just a skin fdor it??

  • Yes I’m pretty sure you need to unlock the messer before you can use the new skin.

  • Its a skin for the messer so you have to have the messer unlocked to use it. Doesn’t take too long.

  • From the main menu, choose customization
    Follow the Steps in the attached image below!
    #1: Choose your team Agatha, Mason(Mason selected in picture).
    #2: Choose the Knight class. Messer is only available for KNIGHT
    #3: Choose the ‘crossing swords’ tab to select weapons which have skins available and choose the ‘Messer’.
    #4: Click on ‘Butchers Messer’ to select the skin for that team Knight.
    If you also want the skin for the other team Knight, you must repeat the steps and choose the differing team in step #1.

    Note: If you haven’t purchased the Elite Knight skin for Mason, you’ll be instructed to once you get to step #4

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