Private Servers

  • Me and my friend want to play by ourselves most preferably through hamachi since neither of us know or can figure out how to make servers, just an idea to make the game a better experience for some people.

  • Pffffrt, Hamachi.

    I can’t believe the amount of times a friend couldn’t join my Minecraft server (yes, I played Minecraft in the past) because ‘his dot was blue instead of green’.
    It apparently was a very common problem, yet on the Hamachi forums, the official Hamachi forums, not a single user knew exactly what it meant or how to fix it.

    So great software. Would recommend.

  • Learn to port forward?

  • ^Either that or have a LAN Party.

  • Well, a 2 slot server from simrai (if you are in the EU) costs only 1 Euro for a month, or 4.8Euro if you pay for six months. Cheap enough.

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