Banning someone who isn't currently in the server

  • Is there any way to ban someone without them being in the server? There have been some players who bail once they see an admin join and just come back once the coast is clear.

  • im no expert but a server operator would have to IP ban them looking through the logs

    i dont think you can ip ban as an ingame admin afaik

  • i think you can ban their steam id in the server config

    also you never ip ban anyone, its just steam id ban. Dunno why it says IP ban lol

  • ^^ the current ban system records the IP address, but I don’t know if it is optional or not. I’ve never tried adding a ban via the config files before.

    You have to convert the steamID in a silly fashion if you want to do it this way tho. Would this ban Crushed if you put it in your PC-Server-UDKGame.ini? There’s only one way to find out! I don’t know what happens when you put a BS ip address in there (or even leave it blank).


  • @dudeface:


    Crushed confirmed for exploiter.

  • 1:07 PM - Naleaus: you get the netid by getting their steam url
    1:07 PM - Naleaus: plug it in here
    1:07 PM - Naleaus:
    1:07 PM - Naleaus: get the 64 bit id
    1:07 PM - Naleaus: take it to calculator
    1:08 PM - Naleaus: open the programmer one
    1:08 PM - Naleaus: click on dec on the side
    1:08 PM - Naleaus: paste the number in, then click on hex
    1:08 PM - Naleaus: this gives you the 110011aavaaer type number
    1:08 PM - Naleaus: then in game type adminbannetid 0x0whateverthatnumberwas

    Thanks Nal!

  • Nice. Good to know.

  • Steam ID conversion

    Convert steam profile to steam ID –>

    Converting a players steam ID to the number chiv config file uses
    Teamkill McTeamkillson: STEAM_0:1:10735183
    xXUber haxorsXx: STEAM_0:0:6152788

    **1)**Number after the 2nd colon times 2
    Teamkill McTeamkillson: 10233107 * 2 = 21470366
    xXUber haxorsXx: 5143649 * 2 = 12305576

    **2)**Add the number after the 1st colon (I’ve no idea why some ID’s have a 1 before the 1st colon, it doesn’t appear 2 be used in Chiv IDs)
    Teamkill McTeamkillson: 21470366 + 1 = 21470367
    xXUber haxorsXx: 12305576 + 0 = 12305576

    **3)**That number becomes the “A” portion of the bannedID (not sure what “B” actually is but it appears the same on all bans so far)

    Finding the ID to ban from the ingame console “getplayerinfo” command
    Derpface: 0x011000013384A48
    Crashed: 0x011000012CF9C3

    **1)**Drop the 0x01100001 from the front
    Derpface:0x011000013384A48 = 3384A48
    Crashed: 0x011000012CF9C3 = 2CF9C3

    **2)**Convert this hex to decimal with any calculator
    Derpface: 3384A48 = 54020680
    Crashed: 2CF9C3 = 2947523

    **3)**That number becomes the “A” portion of the bannedID

    This is from the GON guide for chiv admins. Though I changed the names and steam IDs to fake ones as on the guide it uses real IDs.

    But yeah that’s how you do all the conversions. The end result part is outdated and not what you put in anymore since they changed it so you could do timed bans. The code dudeface has is how its done now.

  • Alternatively

    Pop the profile info into
    find the Steam:0_0: etc. bit

    Depending on which steam server is used it will be either

    Once you’ve worked out the A part, pop it into the configs like this:

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