Crossbow Bolts should have way more drop

  • @gndo:

    What? I’ve never had my parry flinched by melee. Anyone else had this, or is it just classic Lemon?

    Classic lemon thinking that throwing axes, throwing knives, pebbles, bolts or arrows are melee.

  • @DokB:

    Make projectiles obey the same rules as melee in regards to flinch states except include a few exceptions. Make it that projectiles cannot flinch parries. It’s too anti fun having your perfectly timed parry cancelled by a projectile. At least when you get your parry flinched in melee by a second opponent, you know that he at least got around your parry/you weren’t aiming well enough/he flanked you.

    This is true. It’s bad enough that you get shot for 50-75% of your health, but then do get an irrevokable death sentence in addition (really, being more than half killed isn’t enough?) is frankly a bit over the top. The uber flinch is horrible.

  • @dudeface:

    This is true. It’s bad enough that you get shot for 50-75% of your health, but then do get an irrevokable death sentence in addition (really, being more than half killed isn’t enough?) is frankly a bit over the top. The uber flinch is horrible.

    Agree with this.

  • As an archer (mostly), I think a lot of the problem is down the to choice of weaponry archers currently have and the difficulty it is to balance so many projectile weapons. I think it should be reduced to just three primaries, one from each current tree. At the top of the pile you could have the heavy crossbow, but perhaps with a slightly less ammo or greater mobility penalty in order to stop everyone from rocking one. Then, say longbow for the middle tier broadly the same as it is and finally sling for annoyance and maximum mobility. Knights should only take a 1/4 of the damage compared to other classes via archers weaponry, with perhaps an exception for a headshot to give some kind of reward for hitting the bullseye so to speak.

    Flinching is a bit of a tricky one - I often play shortbow just to cause flinching. Doesn’t get me near the top of the board, but annoys the **** out of the other side. ;) I’d be gutted to lose it, but I’m sure I’d adapt.

  • I once had 39 assists on the first part of darkforest and 6 kills. I was 2nd on the list and I played sling, even though sling doesn’t deal a lot of damage the flinch caused a lot of peoples death. Projectile flinch during release and parry needs to be gone.

  • Drop earlier than a bow? Well I never… With crossbows you trade speed for strength. T_T

  • just buff throwing knives and axes to go as far as heavy crossbow… then we’ll have a game.

  • @Tyoson:

    I target shield knights when I’m slinging just to prove how shit shields really are against archers.


  • Medieval crossbows have less range than medieval bows, the main reason is bows can be shot up into an arc to give much greater range which a crossbow can’t really do. That’s because crossbows shoot short bolts which quickly lose stability in flight whereas bows shoot longer arrows which can maintain stability.

    Science bitches.

  • Exactly what Dr Z0b said. I play as an archer, playing with warbow.
    I just hate to see how this game offers some weapons to beginners that they can use and have maximum effect with.
    For the archer class that weapon is the crossbow. It’s usually just point and click with a lot of damage and incredible speed. The bow is harder to use and it actually takes quite some practice.
    It would be great if xbow was actually nerfed. The heavy xbow is ridiculous. One shot maa and archer….? That much damage?! I played with the heavy xbow myself and it got boring fast (most matches ended with me getting a lot of kills and dying just 3-4 times).
    You should really think of rewarding players who actually use weapons that are harder to use, not give weapons that are so broken to lazy people.
    One way of nerfing them would be to reduce the damage by range, the longer distance to your target the less damage you deal, and to decrease speed a bit as well.
    The other OP weapons that other classes have are: The vanguard’s claymore (that thing does too much damage, too fast) and the knight’s messer, way to easy to kill anyone with that thing.

  • When I started to play Broadhead arrows on the warbow 1hit MAAs to the torso and longbow 1hit archers, good times. But before they fixed the glitches with FOV and FPS regarding arrow drop it became a lot easier to hit with arrows which made it more consistent beacause you could evaluate distance easier as it stayed the same.
    Now I can see lowranks getting a really high amount of kills and assists which they shouldn’t. The ranged class shouldn’t be just point’n’click, but actually require some amount of skill as projectiles are unblockable. I’d suggest to lower the travel speed quite a lot, I remember being able to see an arrow travel through the sky and be able to dodge it.

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