God Mode Activated

  • Ok, so i was streaming for many hours yesterday, everyone saw me load up the game, i even showed people my processes while running the game, etc. No hacks used ever. So… i was dueling shack on our tempest server, and it seemed to start after i F10 and change classes. I take damage, and then it auto-regens health.

    After i finally exit the game and attempt to restart the game to see if the issue goes away, my graphics driver literally died. I had to restart my computer 3 times because it wasn’t picking up my GPU to even re-install the driver. After the 3rd restart my driver came back… i reinstalled it and everything went back to normal.

    BUT… hwen i tried to rejoin the game, it said i was using some hack like cheaddb or something and said it was out of date or some crap when i wasn’t using anything. It only gave me that message when attempting to join the tempest server. Then when i tried joining a team objective server i got right in.

    THen i restarted the game and i could get back into the tempest duel server and play everything as normal.

    Something weird happened… lol.

    Like i said, i wasn’t hacking, i had been streaming prior to this happening for HOURS and people were watching the whole time lol.

    All i do know is that i F10’d and switched classes, and then it happened.


  • Clayton struggle against brandiscrub even with godmode.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Clayton struggle against brandiscrub even with godmode.

    you can see me wreck brandi before that shit happened.

  • obviously turned on hacks before streaming

  • Obviously hacking, I’m still recovering from those hacks that made Clayton float in Moor.

  • Clayton has no shame, using hacks on stream.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Clayton has no shame, using hacks on stream.

    wouldnt be the first time that happened hue

  • Mod

    Typical hacker. Doesn’t even care if he gets caught.

  • now i just need 1 hit kills with daggar and i’m set.

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