Avoiding Team Damage

  • I made a steam guide on working as a team, basically things you should do to avoid killing your teammates.


    It’s intended for newer players and I’m pretty sure most of the people here have been playing for a fair while so I’m just looking for feedback and things that I may have missed. Also, if you’re telling a newbie what’s what just send them over there so they can use it as a resource.

  • Well written. Would buy it again.

  • You mention dragging away when you are in release and can’t feint the attack to stop from team attacking. But I’d emphasize for stabs, looking directly in the sky, it is the try and truest way to avoid contact(Works well for overheads too). I generally turn 90 degrees while I move my mouse aim directly up if I completely mess up my attack.

  • Thanks chuckingit, added that in, I also look either up or straight down for stabs. Also that reminded me that you can stab through opponents and hit your teammates, which isn’t that bad of a way to go, so probably a good idea to remind people that.

  • I like to stab at the opponents legs so I can drag it into the ground to avoid a team mate behind him. Works well usually.

  • Very well written! You touched on all the points I would bring up. Just a small tip: I have gotten into the habit of canceling my attack after every kill. It’s not only a “cleaner” way to play, but it builds muscle memory that will help prevent accidental TKs from a stray combo after killing an opponent.

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