Crashes happens more frequently than feints does

  • Played this game for about 1-2 hours and experienced about 10 crashes, I see that this game is still pretty much garbage.

    Way to go Torn Banner, fix the problems with the game will ya?

  • I rarely crash :/

  • I only crash on shitadel or coldfront. Shitadel on the second stage because sometimes everyones ping goes up to 200 and half the people gets kicked. On Coldfront it can happen anywhere.

  • I cant remember the last time I crashed, I just get stuck trying to exit the game but that’s not really the same thing XD

  • i have 500 hours and ive crashed twice

  • Its true. Crashing does happen more than feints. I crash on citadel every now and again. But I never see any feints.

    Even then I haven’t actually had or seen a citadel mass crash in ages. Citadel servers retain their players without half of them crashing on the second objective.

  • Game was crashing for me on leaving a server but that seems to be fixed now. I have seen people crash on citadel second stage, but not noticed it happen in last few weeks, and coldfront fps seems better for me recently too.Game seems to periodically work for some and not for others.

  • Only had one crash today. Much better state compared to before.

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