BETA - Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Patch 4 (SDK improvements)

  • ‘BETA 1’

    This is an SDK patch to bring Deadliest Warrior to a more user friendly sat in order to encourage User Generated Content such as custom maps and mods


    • SDK updated to be on par with C:MW (maps and mods are easier

    • Loading up the game no longer takes a long time due to Workshop subscription


    • Correct player count now shows in server browser

    • Frigid Kill volumes added to water touch

    • Frigid tree meshes now using proper materials

    • Block volumes added to pieces of ice

    • Acropolis grass clipping and collision fixed on wall

    • Moor has an updated blocking volumes

    • Pirates and Ninja elite helms no longer float in the air

    • Precached scaling set on all helmet static meshes

    • Updated Korean translation

  • Well that’s getting somewhere. A few other minor things that need to be done.

    PTB doesn’t work at all its completely broken on all maps. The banner will eventually stop spawning. Happens 100% if the time.
    Chat breaks at the end of rounds for many.
    Ranking takes ages to update.
    Pirates elite hat is broken as the tricorn is also on at the same time.

    Falcata needs a slower initial windup and slower recovery and combo times to prevent spamming with the weapon.
    Viking spears combo too fast. Its a short spear but you can’t get close to it like with the yari and sarrisa.
    Spartan shield bash needs to to be easier to parry. The shield has no tip so there’s nothing to aim at to parry the thing.
    Pirates are the most underpowered class in the game. The people you listened to to nerf them Were just scared of loud bangs I told you guys what would happen if you nerfed pirate. Ask anyone who plays what the most underpowered class is. They’ll all say pirate.
    The no-dachi is too flexible. Either slow down the windup of all its attacks or speed up the release times. Its incredibly draggable but with fast windups.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yeah, the pirate is definitely the most underrated from the little time I’ve played. I pretty much just refuse to play the Pirate class.

    Glad the server player count was fixed, because I often get confused to join a server showing 5 people, only to see 7 in there or something.

    I’ll check into Porting the Colosseum over to Deadliest Warrior now that the SDK has been updated :)

    Psssssst I think there should be a Gladiator class…… ;)

  • Really though you gotta make Plant the banner actually work again. Currently its just TDM for 15 minutes.

  • Can you guys change some of the FFA/TDM servers to TDM only? And can you make the voteable maps set to small/medium only?

  • Lol they made the game for 64 players yet all their servers are 32 players and they still run the large maps.

  • @SOC:

    Can you guys change some of the FFA/TDM servers to TDM only? And can you make the voteable maps set to small/medium only?

    This is done now

  • You could make 64 players servers. The 5 64 players servers that do exist are in Australia. First person only with 200 ping auto kicks.

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