Warbawz Server Hosting

  • Greetings Chivalry Combatants! We are Warbawz Server Hosting and we offer low priced and reliable servers for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, among other games. We also offer, ftp access, and full customizable control panels. Finally we offer complete 24/7 customer support through Steam Chat, Teamspeak 3, and a support ticket system.

    Chivalry Server Prices (per slot)
    Monthly: $0.70
    Semi-annually: $0.60
    Annually: $0.56

    Warbawz Website: http://warbawz.com/

    Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/warbawz

  • Hi! I just bought a server from you guys and just wanted to thank you for your quick service, setup, and really high quality server! My clan and I are having a blast! I recommend anyone interested in getting a server to try these guys out.

    Thanks again!


  • thank you for your service best deal i got and im staying with it. i will deffinatly spread the word of your services and keep your service… best deals i got thank you. :)

  • Thank you for your great service. This was the best deal i got and i’m defiantly staying with it. I will certainly ganna spread the word of your fantastic services. These are the best deals i got thank you so much!

  • I was asking around about a server and your guys name came up, so I figured I’d give your servers a try. WOW! Thank you so much for such a great service at a competitive price, I’m sure we’ll have to extend from month to month to the year rate! Thanks again!

  • I find it funny how the first 3 people saying how awesome your servers are have never posted here before… I’m going to call bullshit on this and say this is you trying to sale your servers… Not Cool~!

  • I scan the forums very regularly but just never really decided to post anything. When I bought a server from Warbawz they asked me to put out the good word if I was pleased with my server. Well, I am pleased with my server and this seemed like a good place to post my thoughts and feelings on them.

  • Thank you all for the reviews and we are glad you are enjoying your servers!

    Due to the amount of buyers we have configured our prices a bit. Instead of starting at $0.80 a slot it is now down to $0.70 a slot. This should make it a little easier on gamers on a tighter budget.

    Thank you all again for choosing Warbawz Server Hosting!

  • Seems a bit too cheap to me. Not for nothing, but the only way youre going to make money, or even break even is to overload a box. I run 4 servers on my dedicated box, and know the servers tend to eat up CPU cores and lag a bit. If it wasnt for the fact i have a VERY beefy setup, it would probably suck for me.

    Again, the cheap price just seems a bit low for me. Saving money is a good thing, however you get what you pay for.

  • Hi TacTicToe,

    thank you for your opinion.

    The philosophy that we have always had at Warbawz is to not burden the gamer with heavy monthly server expenses. Gamers already spend money to play the game, it isn’t fair to them to make them pay another big sum of money just to have a server to play on and have fun with their friends on.

    If one think’s we offer “cheap” service or specs, they only need to check us out and learn the truth. :)
    Don’t worry about our overhead, we are doing extremely well in that department I assure you, leave that too us. In the mean time, those who buy our servers should enjoy themselves doing what they do best, gaming!

  • Great server hosting company. Have worked with them for awhile now and also have had my server hosted by them. Great up time and very quick ticket responses.

  • Hi all.

    For those of you who were wanting and asking us for them, we now host 64 slot servers! All for under $45.00 a month with no extra fees. Enjoy!


  • I’ve been searching the threads for a bit and it seems Warbawz is my best bet.

    Can one of you contact me to arrange the transaction.



  • Thank you so much for the service! Warbaws was quick to get back to me and the process was a breeze.



  • You are more than welcome Man_on_a_Stick! Thank you choosing Warbawz and for giving us a good reviewing! :)

  • I’m currently renting two servers from Warbawz at the moment and both of them work and run perfectly and cost barely anything. Customer service is great, I’m friends with an owner on Steam and his answers any questions or requests immediately.

  • I’d like to post an update to my experience with Warbawz. I had rented a 32-slot Chivalry server since the middle of last month. At the time it was great with no noticeable lag. About a week ago I lost contact with my server through the in-game list. When I went to the web-based control panel to check on the status I found that I was locked out. It would seem that both my server’s web portal as well as my main Warbawz account have been deleted. Attempts to reset the password on either account are met with “account does not exist with that email” message.

    Attempts to contact Warbawz through email have met with silence. I welcome any reply from the host, but am otherwise looking at a chargeback on my credit statement.

  • Admins should lock this thread and or delete it, just an opinion. These guys come to your forums and advertise which is fine, i guess. However it is obvious that the OP in this case is creating new accounts and spamming the thread with bullshit reviews of their server hosting service. After reading the first three replies and visiting their site you can tell that it is going to be shady. I went to the site and could not even find out what type of servers setups they’re using. There is close to zero real information on the site. I’m pretty sure Torn Banner wouldn’t want these type of people ripping off their fans.

    That being said, i’m just a fan, and I would hate to be ripped off or provided decreasingly worse service over time.

    TL;DR: OP obviously replying to his own thread with new accounts, service looks spooky, be careful, maybe?

  • @Chemical: PM sent.

    @Trens: None of the people who posted on this thread work at Warbawz other than myself. We ask everyone who buys from us to post a review about us on our designated threads. Sorry you feel the way you do about us Trens. Recently our site has been going through some changes and construction. We have had a lot of criticism based on the information that we display on our site. This is due to the fact that we have been a very small company operating in a very personal way with each and every customer. We had no real need to give out tons of information on the site when we already did that through steam, teamspeak, skype, and in-person conversations.

    We appreciate the criticism you have. It only makes us better and more efficient in the long run.

  • After reading trens post I thought I would do just a little bit of digging to see what this GPS is all about.

    This game server provider(GPS) just doesn’t look right. First they where running a GameCP site(Turn Key). Next they switched to wordpress/whmcs(buggy and security ridden history, recent)/TCAdmin site. They seemed to have dropped all their products on their website except 4, and one of which they aren’t registered to sell. The domain name was registered on 9/12/12. They offer TeamSpeak on their website but I could not find anywhere on http://hosting.teamspeakusa.com/ that they have a license to resell TeamSpeak.

    They completely switched all of their software in less then 2 months of operation. They switched to a known security plagued product to offer to their customers. You would think that someone that claims that they are sooo available would have responded in less then 4 days to ChemicalAgents post. Most of the people he has posting on this thread didn’t buy a chivalry server. Otherwise they would have posted the name of their server(usually thats how i’ve seen reputable posts). He mentions that he had a lot of criticism of his website, about the information he displayed on his website. All I remember is that it was a splash page with all links going to GameCP back-end.

    It seems this gps is a 1 server operation, worked on the weekend. I am a Chivalry fan myself and don’t want to see this game poisoned by careless hosting. If I had to render a verdict based on research, customer replies, games hosted, longevity. I would say stay away as well.

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