Did the UI patch fuck with anyone else's performance?

  • After I came back from my vacation, the game looked and played like shit. It was right after the UI patch. Animations got choppy, the frames are low even though it says it’s at a solid 60 andb yes it is uncapped. My pc is fairly powerful and the game ran flawlessly three weeks ago so I have no clue what went wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a perpetual desync. It’s pretty unplayable tbh. Impossible to read feints because every attack looks like it skips 7 frames, and patterns are undetectable because the models jitter so fucking much. Here’s what I have done. Turned the hud off, made everything false and low, revalidated my cache, and uncapped my fps. Still pretty bad. Any advice is appreciated.

  • O and I did some other stuff too

  • Nope. Performance is fine for me.

  • I think it might not be related. Try to delete the windows cache maybe. It’s maybe related to your Internet connection. Reached a download quota limit from your provider ?

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