About them peasant hats…

  • How will torn banner give people who post feedback the peasant hats if our steam accounts arent linked with the accounts we use to post the feedback on the torn banner forums?

  • They will just Check steam workshop -> Click on a Fortification contest map -> Click on the Author of the map -> Give peasant hat.

  • OP is asking how the playtesters will get their hats not the map authors.

  • Visit the Custom Content section of this forum, note down every.single.poster that writes constructive feedback and put all of the acounts in one mailing list in which they ask for their Steam ID.
    That’s how I’d do it, assuming there are no other means.

  • @gndo:

    OP is asking how the playtesters will get their hats not the map authors.

    Oh, right, my bad… Then what Rickvs said.

  • They will just PM them obviously asking for the steam account you want the peasant hat giving too.

  • The requirement on qualifying for feedback was more than three sentences, as well. So unless you wrote really good indepth review/feedback, chances are you didn’t qualify.

    I don’t know if they are going to enforce the map makers themselves having to have given feedback. I can tell right now a majority have done very little or no such thing at all. I’ve given feedback to maps that I’ve been able to play or at least look at with unbiased critique.

  • I have a peasant hat from the blem competition and people in game keep asking me what map I made or what I have feedback to. In the year since I’ve had it they haven’t seemed to have noticed lol.

  • Thanks for the help guys. Have fun taking down those names TB

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