Someone Should Make A Gladiator Mod!

  • Wish I new how to mod but I dont:( I suggest someone make a gladiator mod, smaller battlefield “Arena”. They should put 1v1,2v2,5v5, everyman for themselves and then 10v10 it be cool if they also made it so things like spikes and other stuff in a arena are able to be used against a enemy like be able to throw someone on top of a spike or something. Something like the first gladiator scene fromt he movie stuff like that i think would be really cool and new because you dont see many gladiator themed games or mods out their these days especially based of a game with such good graphics as this specific game.Just an idea though.

  • There’s already an Arena map with traps and spikes to hit your opponent in to, and you can do 1v1 if the other players your playing with cooperate. And with 10v10 etc, it’s called Last Team Standing. There’s no way to set up a for sure amount of players, there’s just a cap of 16 on each team.

  • @Jake:

    There’s already an Arena map with traps and spikes to hit your opponent in to, and you can do 1v1 if the other players your playing with cooperate. And with 10v10 etc, it’s called Last Team Standing. There’s no way to set up a for sure amount of players, there’s just a cap of 16 on each team.

    Think of a much bigger oval arena with tridents and gladii and LIONS and whatnot. You could have 1 guy picked out of like 16 people to be the gladiator, and he has several weapons and a bit of armor. Then, the other 15 people are made peasants and only have daggers. Oh yeah.

  • Peasants and daggers? Please. Just Everyone against one me is fun >:)

  • @Jake:

    Peasants and daggers? Please. Just Everyone against one me is fun >:)

    It appears your face has yet to meet my hammer of war.

  • indeed, but with historical classes!

  • A gladiator mod would be awesome. I’d be happy with more Arena maps and game modes though. Combining the Objective modes into smaller versions for the Arena would be fun. You could have mini-castle seiges and push the cart battles. How about a giant leather ball to kick into the other teams goal? ;-)

  • Here are the actual classes used in Roman Gladiator Combat.

    Eques (“horseman”): The Eques (plural, equites) usually fought against another gladiator of the same type. They probably began their matches on horseback, but they ended in hand-to-hand combat. These were the only gladiators who wore regular tunics rather than any type of body armor (see modern mannequin), though they wore bronze helmets with two feathers and padded shin-protectors; they carried round shields and often fought with long swords.

    Hoplomachus (“heavy-weapons fighter”): The Hoplomachus, named after the Greek Hoplite warrior, fought with a long spear as well as a short sword or dagger; he wore a visored helmet with crest and long greaves over both legs to protect them since he carried only a small shield, usually round (see original and replica). In this terracotta relief, a Hoplomachus battles a Thraex, who is attempting to reach over his shield and stab him. A late Republican funeral monument depicts a Thraex fighting against a kneeling Hoplomachus, though both gladiators wear early types of crested helmets without visors.

    Murmillo (“fish”): The Murmillo, named for a Greek saltwater fish, wore a large visored helmet with a high crest; these helmets became increasingly enhanced with relief decorations, as for example the head of Hercules (see also replica), military trophies (see front and side of replica), and the Gorgon, Mars Ultor, and decorative vessels (see replica). The Murmillo was protected by a large, slightly curved, rectangular shield (see replica), so he needed only one short shin-guard (ocrea) to protect his left leg (side view; replica). He fought with a short stabbing sword (gladius). The wreaths on a tombstone from Ephesus indicate that this Murmillo won many combats. In another relief from Ephesus, the Murmillo Asteropaios, on the left, is attempting to stab the Thraex Drakon; both gladiators have lost their shields and are fighting in a “clinch.”

    Provocator (“attacker”): The Provocator was the most heavily armed gladiator; he was the only gladiator who wore a pectoral covering the vulnerable upper chest. He also wore a padded arm-protector and one greave on his left leg; he carried a large rectangular shield and stabbing sword. His large, distinctive visored helmet had no crest and extended over his shoulders (see also replica). The extent of his armor made the Provocator slower and less agile than other gladiators, which may explain why he tended to be paired with another gladiator of the same type in combat.

    Retiarius (“netman”): The Retiarius was the quickest and most mobile of gladiators; as the only type of gladiator who wore no helmet, he had much more range of vision than his opponents. However, since he wore practically no defensive armor, he was also more vulnerable to serious wounds; his only body protection was a padded arm-protector (manica) on his left arm often topped with a high metal shoulder protector (galerus), also shown in this replica. His weapons were a large net with which he attempted to entangle his opponent, a long trident, and a small dagger (see also replica).

    The Retiarius in this relief advances on a Secutor who has lost his shield (which is held by the referee). However, looking at the Retiarius in this mosaic, one has to ask, “Why is this man smiling?” because the Secutor appears about to stab him, while the kneeling position of this Retiarius indicates that he has surrendered to the Secutor who stands menacingly above him.

    Secutor (“pursuer”): The Secutor was typically paired with a Retiarius. His egg-shaped helmet with round eye-holes had no crest or reliefs to snag on the net of the Retiarius but also gave him little range of vision. He wore a short shin protector (ocrea) on one leg and an arm protector; he carried a large rectangular shield and stabbing sword. The wreaths on this tombstone of a Secutor indicate his many victories, while an exultant Secutor named Improbus prepares to dispatch a fallen Retiarius in this relief.

    Thraex (“Thracian”): The Thraex gladiator was loosely based on the Thracians, former enemies of Rome. His most distinctive feature was his weapon, a short sword (sica) whose blade was either curved or kinked. His visored helmet with wide brim resembled that of a Murmillo except that it was topped with the head of a griffin (see replica). Because the Thraex carried a short rectangular shield, he wore an arm-protector and long shin protectors (ocreae) on both legs (these are decorated with theatrical masks and an eagle vs. snake motif; see also replica). The victorious gladiator in this mosaic is a Thraex, while this Thraex holds up an index finger to signal surrender. A tombstone from Antalya and one from Akhisar in Turkey provide good illustrations of this type of gladiator,

  • This was actually the first thought that came to my mind when I played the game, I’d love to see this happen.

  • Gladiator Mod would be outstanding. You could have ranking system for you Gladiator status. You could have it where you have to fight in smaller arenas to earn enough points to fight in the main Colleseum in Rome. YOu can have one on one combat, groups on groups, men against animal beasts, flood the arena for naval combat as they did in Rome, chariots,etc. You could also include battles that took place outside the arenas during Sparticus rebellion against Rome. Look at the success of the Sparticus TV series. This game could easily create the same.

  • Been playing around with this idea myself, even made a few prototype levels just for fun. Depending on how the sdk turns out id surely be interesting in collaborating with some folks who’d like to see the same idea brought to life.

  • “We who are about to die, Salute you!”

    Hell yea! I’d love for a gladiator mod for this game.

  • This sounds like it could be a whole new game.

  • Something I’ve longed to see since Gladius in 03.

  • I can’t wait for this mod to be made by someone, to go at some guy in the arena as a dimachaerus with a badass manica, baltheus and pauldron on, that’s the shit right there :P

    If someone would be able to make the classes (i’d limit them to the dimachaerus, murmillo, hoplomachus, retiarius, thraex and secutor) and their armor as well as their weaponry…thta would just be f*cking awesome.

    Maybe even make some variatons of the arena to prevent it from getting boring. And when somebody is beaten (unless it’s sine missione of course) someone or the lobby in that server should be able to decide whether he lives or not :) or let a bot do it with a random selection of life or death

  • I like this idea, Gonna try to re activate the thread maybe it will be made ^^

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