Servers with previous Chivalry Builds.

  • Wouldn’t it be good to have servers with other versions of Chivalry, eg 1 or more patches previously
    to cater for a niche type of player. IN Quake 3 atm you can jump into servers with various other
    builds, eg 1.11 for the original feel or 1.16n many a favourite or even 1.31 or 1.32c. These servers
    still attract a dedicated type of player. Usually ctf games or ffa. A day might come along were
    private Chivalry servers might have these kinds of options. Servers with the version number
    in its name on the browser. Perhaps we might have links in the future for the various builds
    of chivalry to be downloaded. Players use to get quite attached to a favourite build/version
    of a game.

  • i bet you’d have to make a mod for it or request it directly from TB… sorry man don’t think that’s gonna happen… GOOD LUCK THO!

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