Pirate setup and other seteps

  • After seeing hexen play with his pirate setup I’ve been inspired to play it. Does the sabre’s part that does damage is shaped like a curve or is the curve just cosmetic in chivalry. Also does anyone have fun, whacky, but sort of viable seteps? Also does anyone have any tips to play as a rank 20 some weapons to practice and what to pick as your main weapon throughout chivalry?

  • Knight with heater and flanged mace is pretty fun and whacky. I also like vanguard with war axe, the charge attacks are really satisfying if you can land them.

    Good weapons to main that prepare you for versatility are the great sword, sword of war and broad sword. The longsword requires a lot more finesse and skill to use properly (heavy footwork and drags, things I don’t expect a rank 20 will master any time soon) so the sword of war will be easier to use and probably get you more kills. The messer is also great but, I think it’ll teach you bad habits.

  • man at arms with morningstar is one of my favorite setups, long drags… i love the sound it makes when it hits people. The stabs are fast enough to flinch, and you can also catch other dodgy maa off guard with it’s reach. It’s a head smasher.

    Knight with maul is always a classic, one shotting everything is always a plus, just use scroll wheel down constantly and mix a poke in there every once in a while when you need speed, spin and overhead, spin and overhead.

    If you like arching or want to have some fun, shortbow is great. Doesn’t do a lot of damage but it’s so fun rapid firing at people. Short spear is also amazing if you can get the aim down, it’s godlike. Sling pebbles is also the tits.

  • Shortbow/Sling + Sabre Archer for being an annoying fuck

    MaA + Morning Star for head poppin goodness

    Vanguard BillHook for weaponized sex

    Poleaxe Knight because POLEAXE STRONK +Broadsword for the back dodging idiots.

  • I’ve been playing a lot of heavy javelin in pubs lately. Very, very fun.

  • MAA + Thrusting dagger is fun. Flinch ALL DAY! You need to be precise with aim and timing. 1vX fights using the dagger is great fun and feels pretty epic if you win it.

  • Pebble, Shortsword and no helmet.

  • Longsword knight is fun, whacky, but sort of viable.

  • Sling and cudgel. Sticks and stones break bones. I used to use sabre, but sabre became too easy. Dooooo it. I may make a video on it when I have the time.

  • Any experience with Dane axe? Looks coool

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Longsword knight is fun, whacky, but sort of viable.

    longsword is gud man

  • Sword of War one-handed no shield is actually pretty quick and powerful if you stab a lot. Flanged mace has lightning speed stabs and is good for comboing into swing or overhead headsplodes on unprepared opponents. Poleaxe is a monster. Fork is secretly a great 1v1 weapon. Bardiche has some mean drags but the damage can be poop sometimes. Cudgel and sling are both viable as humiliation weapons.

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