What if chivarly was an RTS?

  • just stop and think what if some one like creative assembly made and RTS about chiv

    stonehill coldfront battlegrounds citadel all great maps for an rts destroy the village batter down the castle gates push past the enemy and kill the king…… you know just like chivalry but on a larger scale and your In command

    hell weve even got enough weapons in chiv to make enough diverse units

    tower shield knights - high defense good as a place holder
    claymore vanguards - shock troopers
    maa broadswords - the main force of your army
    archers longbow - your classic range unit that sucks in melee
    pesants fork - the poor meat shield

    the list can go on and on

    you can even make units out of the DLC skins barbarians arbiters etc as mercenary’s the elite knights as elite…knights we could even finally get horses

    maybe not a great idea but hell you gotta admit it does sound kinda awesome… maybe someday

  • I ran out of any confidence in Creative Assembly some years ago. Running out of confidence in TB.

    Taking chivalry maps and nothing else isn’t really turning chivalry into an RTS.

  • Try Stronghold.

  • Mount & Blade kinda plays like what you describe. It’s not really an RTS with unit production and all, but you can control an army with varying units, order them around the field, besiege fortresses …

  • I was actually thinking about making a chivalry total war mod for rome total war 2. I even started. I stuck the halberd in the game. Sure it was in backwards but I got it in with almost all the textures.

    Then I realised I can’t rig an entire character model. It can be done but not by someone with no skills in animation lol.

  • Chivalry MW: Total War

    Researching: Feint technology

    You have been excommunicated
    Jihad declared on your nation
    Crusade declared on your nation

  • @DokB:

    Chivalry MW: Total War

    Researching: Feint technology

    You have been excommunicated
    Jihad declared on your nation
    Crusade declared on your nation

    France wants peace with your nation.

  • France Surrenders you mean.

  • Well that’s generally what asking for peace means in a TW game.

  • The Archers Guild is now available in Stoneshill.

  • NS2 meets Chivalry.

    One “Commander” on each team viewing the game in RTS mode, placing buildings like armorys, palisades, training grounds, archery ranges, taverns etc. (As pre-build static meshes). Rest of players start as peasants with hammers, building the structers their commander placed. Later on peasants become warriors to help destroy the opposite faction.

    Each building giving other players upgrades/bonuses like: more hp, weapons, ability to feint, ranged weps, fire arrows - There are many possibilities.

    Could also build catapults and battering rams to help destroy buildings. Resource system needed (like each kill gives your commander more resources to build structures).

    I want that.

  • sounds awesome but if theres one thing I know for certain about ns2 its that teams are usually one sided lol combine that and chivalry and you’ve got a rage combo

  • http://i62.tinypic.com/2ag2gp.jpg

    That was my attempt of getting the Halberd into Rome 2 total war. Yes its upside down but that’s easily fixed. And the only texture that made it in was the specular map because of a typo with the diffuse. Didnt add the normal or gloss maps as it uses a different kind of normal map than chivalry and chivalry doesn’t even have gloss maps.

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