Fortification Map Contest Comes To a Glorious End

  • I played on some of these maps do I get a panama hat ?

  • @loin:

    I played on some of these maps do I get a panama hat ?

    Where did you get that idea from???

  • Private Messages went out for Feedback Reward Peasant Hats. If you feel like you were missed, link some of your Feedback posts in a PM.

    We will send them out in batches at the end of each week, as people get us their steam IDs.

  • Wow, last pages became a bit negative.

    I for one am truly happy with this selection of new maps and find Castle Assault a great map, worthy of 1st place.
    Sure we can’t all agree, and I might not 100% agree on the order of these 5 maps, but I’m just happy all 5 of them made it in.

    5 new TO maps, guys! Woohoo!

  • Congrats winners. Will certainly be looking forward to seeing these go live!

  • Congratulations to the winners!


    i’m so happy right now i could poop.

  • Well I certainly had fun with my maps and learnt a ton of stuff. And really really enjoyed the community spirit we got going guys. Congrats to the winners of course.

    I do hope that people will carry on playing both my maps though, I think that would make me sad if they didn’t. Now, where is my peasant hat!!!

  • Yeah, bit sad at the moment due to the results, but I’ve learned so many things during last few months. I’m still pretty much motivated and ready to spend even more time in UDK.

    Now give me my glorious peasant hat. I shall use it for maximum trolling with pebbles. :)

  • On a side note. Map creators will be receiving their peasant hats a tad bit later. We have something that will highlight the map makers hat and help them stand out a bit more. (You guys will get the regular peasant hat as well.)

  • Really nice! Thx!

  • I LOVE YOU Andrew!




    guys this is just <3 <3

    so 2 hats xD so thansk so much u r great guys :)

    I luv yr outsourcing :D!

  • Maps hats wooooo. Now just nerf my 1-H SOW a bit more and I will be real peasant ;-)

    Irilla will be down at the back of the neck there just where the headmans axes falls……

  • Awesome on giving map makers something special, they deserve it.

  • Ah man, this is just too hilarious!

  • What separates the emblem makers?

  • Man I really want them to take their time with the balance patch but I want these new maps to be added in quickly!

  • Those of us who didn’t place into the top 5 should get a wooden spoon as a weapon too :P

  • @Otreum:

    Those of us who didn’t place into the top 5 should get a wooden spoon as a weapon too :P

    Fund it Tom Bandana

  • Wow! Thank you so much Torn Banner for this contest and for including my map in the winners! It’s a huge deal to me, I play this game every day and I have loved it for 2 years, it’s really great to actually be a part of the game!

    Now everyone who plays chivalry will get to play my map! I am just so happy that all my work will get to be enjoyed by thousands of people! Such a good feeling! The money helps a bit too :p

    I am sorry for any people who did not place, there was a lot of stiff competition I honestly did not think I would place. I would also like to thank all the other map makers for their inspirational maps, many of my ideas were borrowed or adapted from other custom maps.

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