Robin Williams iconic

  • **Bicentennial Man

    He was one of the greats imo. The list of good films he was a part of is very large tbh.
    Its fair to add I have nearly seen every thing he was in, esp movies and standup

  • RIP in peace

  • Hook is still one of my favourite movies. RIP

  • he only had 127 years to go

    mrs doubtfire and jumanji were my faves as well as bicentenial man

  • Some say arson was involved with Robin William’s suicide

    But I doubt fire.

  • Thats ingenieus

  • i hope TB will patch adam glitches.

    ey? ey?

  • quit robbin my williams

  • I just watched a movie with him where he died and Cuba Gooding Jr. was there to help him accept his death and move on. I wonder if Robin Williams is gonna guide lost souls to the afterlife now. What did he shoot himself with? Presumably a gun methinks.

  • Such crassness tbh. He was a good actor and will be missed. Don’t imagine death is a painless
    pleasant experience as its far from it.

  • I never found him funny but I’m surprised he killed himself. Also how do you know death is painful and unpleasant Loin? What if you die instantly and wind up in Muslim heaven surrounded by virgins? Both painless and pleasant. Hmm. No wonder those crazy bastards blow themselves up, I would too if I was convinced of eternal paradise with 67 sex slaves. But back on topic.

    You will be missed Mr. Williams. People doing impressions of you were funnier than you were, but we appreciate your effort. Celebrities die in 3 though, who are the other 2?

  • he died from asphyxiation, not a gun.

  • @50ShadesofClay:

    he died from asphyxiation, not a gun.

    Erotic Asphyxiation? I hope not. Many fine souls have been lost to the dangerous art of the stranglegasm. Also Loin, don’t be offended, it’s not that I have no respect for the dead, but it’s not like Robin William’s family is reading this thread. And if they are, I formally apologize for any offence I may have caused, but Robin William’s acting was more offensive.

  • His acting was not offensive at all. Unlike yours tbh

  • Your odour is offensive. Like chicken and white-knight.

  • Oh god. This comment is chilling to the bone.

  • @Oy:

    Your odour is offensive. Like chicken and white-knight.

    You are are crass giblets tbh. Robin Williams made was in some great movies.

  • @loin:

    You are are crass giblets tbh. Robin Williams made was in some great movies.

    Being in a great movie doesn’t make you great, see Nicholas Cage for multiple examples. Anyway Loin, I was like the third or fourth person to make a Robin Williams joke and you singled me out and started attacking me. How dare you say I’m crass sir! You question my honor? I should slap your mother for raising such an unruly young man.

  • he was quite good in happy days tbh

  • I liked him as an actor in some movies, but I have to say his stand-up comedy was awful. The Robin Williams cartoon character from Family Guy was funnier than his actual standup. Still though he deserves respect as a person not as an actor. I’m not trying to shit talk the guy, I just hate how everyone turns into a white-knight after a celebrity dies. People who called Micheal Jackson a pedophile were calling him a genius and a brilliant artist after he died. It’s sickening bullshit behaviour people do for attention, just making sure that isn’t going on here by being brutally honest and expressing a negative opinion. How dare I.

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