Single player setup?

  • Hello.

    What I would like to know is how to setup a map for a single player experience. Sort of like a puzzle game, and maybe later add in NPCs. Think Dark Souls meets Dark Messiah.

    Is it easy setting this up in Kismet with the classes and whatnot that is already in Chivalry? For example, start the game from a PlayerStart with a specific weapon and set of clothes or armour? Maybe even a third person camera view like in action RPGs (not Gears of War-over-the-shoulder-style).

    Any help regarding this is much appreciated.

  • Specific class, weapon and customization = possible.
    Different camera view = Might be possible if you know what you’re doing, but I highly doubt you’d get it to work anytime soon. Custom map options are only so limited.

    Any previous experience with Kismet/Chivalry-specific Kismet?

  • I’ve been trying to find a workaround for a third person view, but after several attempts I’ve realised the camera will lock vertically either way I do it.

    So… Getting placed in the game with a specific class, weapon and armour is now more of a priority.

    I have basic skills to be honest in making more advanced stuff from scratch. However, when I see something someone else has made I pick up fairly quickly what is doing what and how it all works together. I have C++ programming experience which helps in understanding what’s actually going on, at least so I think.

  • @grusochsten:

    So… Getting placed in the game with a specific class, weapon and armour is now more of a priority.

    Ye sure. Look at the hore mode maps. Everyone starts as a knight with norsesword(?). You can purchase weapons. The scorepoints is your money. You can change pawn: the colors, helmet etc. even be a skeleton.

    I think the biggest issue is the AI of your enemys.

    Check out also the tutorial map, the only official singleplayer map ^^

  • Some Kismet nodes like the on that changes weapons only work in a special game mode called TO2 ( Mutators handling basic score gain for instance also require this mode.
    Restricting classes can be done in the server config or so. In Horde mode you can still pick any class but only one tream (will change your team when you choose the wrong one).

  • Is there an easy way I could use Chivalry’s rigging + animations in a project made from scratch?

    I have made my own game info, pawn and controller with an isometric Dark Souls-like third person camera. However, I currently lack the skills to make my own character in software like Maya or Blender.

    What I would need to import is meshes and animations, and then the ability to use a sword and hitboxes. Now, I understand if there’s no “easy” way to do this and I don’t expect anyone to do all this for me. But if anyone could give me some guidelines or links to good tutorials needed to doing this I’d appreciate it.

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