Annoying Collision box.

  • This is for TBS to see, as this is something I find frustrating. I had the issue in On The Edge, and I have it on Colosseum as well.

    It is a problem with small hallways and doorways, as players just cannot fit through, as if they are ginormous.

    I am not sure if this is an engine limitation TBS, but in this image, the player cannot move backwards from where he is standing, because his collision box is huge. Not only that, but it is locked to the World orientation, not the player’s local orientation. Which means if a doorway is at default angle of 0, the player can fit through, but if the doorway was turned 60 degrees, the player could not fit through, as his collision box won’t fit.

    Surely you are able to reduce this Collision box to something smaller or different shaped.
    I have tried to change the player’s collision box size to be smaller through kismet, which does not work, as it is a script variable which is not something that can be accessed via kismet, at least not without writing my own kismet node. Which servers would then need to install also, which may conflict with other mods on those servers.

    Anyway, here is an image of what I mean by not being able to walk backwards from where I am standing, to give you an idea of how it can affect level design.
    NOTE: There is a trigger volume which teleports the player….and that is right next to the outside of the red collision box up on the stairs. While the player model itself does not touch the trigger, the collision box does, which makes for some annoying experiences.

  • YES just fix orientation pls that would help so many ppl

    FUCKING 42.19 deg rotation bug would be history then xD

  • the collision really fucks up indoor environments

    ive had to make everything huge and spacious in my maps so people can fit inside lol

  • Yeah, Zombojo, my Colosseum is modelled at 1:1:1 scale, however it’s more like 1.2:1.2:1.8 scale to fit people into some of the Corridoors. Never had any issues in Cryengine.

  • i had that issue with helms deep

    it was 1:1 with the AOC map but people just couldnt fit through doors and hallways lol

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