Duelling help

  • Hey guys

    Wondering if anyone can take me to some links/video for dueling

    I need help with vs very experienced Maul & Claymore

    Maul I find that if i don’t kill them quick by avoid hits/blocking I ran out of stamina & then dead meat
    Claymore can be so fast at times an miss judge block an dead

    I try play mixture of MAA, Vanguard & Knight - between the swords & double axe/pole axe

    Thank you


  • Maul’s have a slow windup time. Attack first and keep a combo going. If they parried, be prepared for a quick stab. If they missed the riposte and start a windup go for the attack or kick them; you’ll beat them. Never let them get into facehug range.

    Against a Claymore try going for riposte’s. Generally claymore users are so worried about their own attacks they don’t watch for incoming strikes. Quick riposte’s should get the hit then combo them.

  • Most maul users expect you to play defensive against them, so don’t, be aggressive with them while making sure to parry any attacks they manage to throw your way. Feint them too.

    If you struggle with claymore then you just need to practice really, it’s a very predictable weapon.

  • When versing the Maul try and stay well away from it. For many maul swings you can dodge it instead of parrying, if you find you can’t get out of its way fast enough, you’re probably too close. The stab on the maul is the mauls ‘sneak’ attack, watch out for it (again don’t be too close).

    Pull out a fast weapon and flinch the maul user. As soon as he starts windup, flinch. Where you stand is basically just within range of your weapon, no closer. At worst he will have to combo-feint-to-parry, hurting stamina a lot.

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