Server-side mods without replacing gamemodes?

  • I’ve been looking into writing a few server-side only mods, particularly involving chat commands, but every example of a mod I’ve seen involves replacing the default gamemodes.

    Specifically, I just want to be able to hook whatever function in order to parse chat messages and do something accordingly, which should not require a custom gamemode.


  • I noticed that you can add custom Kismet nodes and change existing mutators (T02) with unrealscript and the compiled script gets released with your map without changing the gamemode. But this is probably because it is unlikely that the mod will conflict with any other mods. As far as I know, Chiv only allows 1 mod at a time due to this reason.

  • Interesting, that’s quite disappointing to hear.

    I had hoped that more flexible modding would be allowed, but it seems that that isn’t the case, whether it’s due to how Chivalry utilizes Unreal or how Unreal itself works.

    I suppose I will have to resort to hooking the server natively and then doing whatever I need from there.

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