Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Patch 4 (SDK improvements)

  • This is an SDK patch to bring Deadliest Warrior to a more user friendly sat in order to encourage User Generated Content such as custom maps and mods


    • SDK updated to be on par with C:MW (maps and mods are easier
    • Loading up the game no longer takes a long time due to Workshop subscription


    • Correct player count now shows in server browser
    • Frigid Kill volumes added to water touch
    • Frigid tree meshes now using proper materials
    • Block volumes added to pieces of ice
    • Acropolis grass clipping and collision fixed on wall
    • Moor has an updated blocking volumes
    • Pirates and Ninja elite helms no longer float in the air
    • Precached scaling set on all helmet static meshes
    • Updated Korean translation

  • Is CMWTO2 stuff supported to make a kind of horde mode or to make TO maps for DW?

  • Niiiice, can you balance the game now? kthx

  • Is PTB fixed? And by fixed I mean playable?

  • This post is deleted!

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