Problem with Enemy Kill event node

  • Hey there!
    I’m trying to create Territory/Conquest gamemode in kismet in TO2 and I’m stuck on creating ticket system.
    I use Enemy Kill event to register whenever a player is killed, however how this node works confuses me.

    Here’s a screenshot of Kismet:

    There are two ways I tried to do it, both don’t work properly.
    First, I used Victim output, checked his team and then substracted from the pool of this team’s tickets. It works fine when victim is killed by one pawn. However whenever the victim is killed by more than one, let’s say one killer and 2 assistants, the event triggers three times and thus substracting 3 tickets.

    Second way was using Killer output. It checks killer’s team and substract ticked from the opposing team. Again when there’s just one killer it works fine, but when the killer had an assistant the event just doesn’t trigger, and no tickets are substracted.

    I’ve tried adding very short retrigger delay, but then multikills would count as 1 ticket.

    Any help on this would be welcomed.

    EDIT: This was tested with bots only.

  • These events from the mutator in TO2 do not work properly. Especially the assist node. But also the killer node fires twice in certain conditions. I made a post about this in the bug section.

    That’s probably the reason you never find them in the official horde-maps even though they would be handy to use.

  • That’s a shame. I was afraid that would be the case, but silently hoped I just did something wrong. Hopefully these nodes will be fixed some time in the future.

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