Will the ballistas ever be fixed?

  • The turrets will lock themselves at a downward elevation or the entire ballista will become dislodged from the ground making them damn near impossible to use. The latter is especially painful for Agatha on Citadel.

    I don’t get it, what’s taking so long to get these things fixed?

  • Even catapult has some bugs. Sometmes when i get kille while using it, catapult disappear under map. Or the sounds bug of clicks that seems it lag make hard to use.

  • sadly both are pretty worthless, highly inaccurate and you are stuck to it and horrible to aim. I miss the AOC cats and balistas. The Chiv versions are no improvement.

  • They arent worthless, I got an 11 kill round in a 26 person lts with almost exclusively ballista but then it bugged for me the next round :(

  • They are only worthless in maps that have bad placement of them.
    You will find Ballistas to be quite useful in On The Edge and Colosseum ;)
    I’ve never really had any problems in Official maps with them, I love using the catapult in Forest to destroy all the walls :D

    The bugs do put me off a fair bit though, sometimes ballista’s going upside down in the air even, so wierd and annoying.

  • I wish they’d revert the ballista bolt change too, where it’s smaller but does splash damage. Now you hear it hitting enemies all the time but it doesn’t kill them. I liked when it landed more consistently when you actually hit them.

  • Can you be specific where these are happening?

  • @DaGGyzo:

    Can you be specific where these are happening?

    Every balista in the game, even in custom maps, sometimes bugs out where it becomes uncontrollable and looks straight down into the ground, or literally starts glitching out and floating way in the air or into the ground. This happens to all users on the map at the same time, so it isn’t just local. See this thread for examples: http://forums.tornbanner.com/showthread.php/19892-The-best-ballista-player

    There’s also a glitch that’s been around since beta where if you get hit around the same moment you clicked to fire a ballista, it won’t shoot for the remainder of the match. You can get on it, but clicking does nothing and makes that ballista useless for everyone. This happens most often when an archer shoots you. Again, happens to all ballistae regardless of location or map.

    And finally, the ancient catapult bug where sometimes instead of the normal “slow clicks,” it does “fast clicks” where the clicking sound when charging it does like 2 at once instead of 1 a second. Happens to all catapults everywhere, but not always. It can also start happening even in the middle of using it when it had slow clicks, where it’ll start having fast clicks for the rest of the map.

  • There’s also the ballista bug where it shoots out at a weird angle sometimes, not where you’re aiming. Found it happens a lot on Hillside and can make hitting the ships impossible.

  • The devs “fixed” this issue once in the past. It was like CU1 or maybe the patch after that. I can’t remember. But an attempt was made.

  • Goes underground and upside down sometimes…

  • Sometimes you are “disarmed” after using a ballista. Cant block or hit.

  • @Agent:

    Sometimes you are “disarmed” after using a ballista. Cant block or hit.

    only way to fix it is to enter a siegeweapon again and it’s silly.

  • It looks like balista turned on an axis on the bottom

  • @Xylvion:

    only way to fix it is to enter a siegeweapon again and it’s silly.

    And sometimes that doesn’t even work :(

  • weeeeeee

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